Both have family vibes and are 50 episodes. Althought 5 enough is about 2 people and their 5 kids but its beautiful now is about 3 brothers and long lost daughter
Recomendado por Itachi Uchiha
Once Again and Five Enough both explore non-nuclear family structures, heartbreak and difficult family relationships after divorce endearingly. Five Enough was probably a bit more realistic (laying out the difficulties of being in a single-parent household, particularly in regards to raising children and catering to in-laws at the same time). Once Again is slightly more comedic and focuses on personal development in heavy circumstances like divorce instead.

If you like sentimental, touching moments as well as light-hearted, family-appropriate humour, you will love these two.
Recomendado por jellimilk
A divorce and a widower marrying each other.. The things they go through when two family try living together.
Recomendado por Yogesh Jain
Very similar settings. ML and FL remarrying. Children opposing at first. Resolving the issues and overcoming their parents' blockade.
Recomendado por best ak
Similar feel to the flow of the plot.
Involves blended families and single parent struggles.
MHAA the ML has never been married but he was engaged.
Recomendado por stookie20
They are both family dramas, with a widower male lead that finds love again, and with some cute kids.
Recomendado por Daniel Garcia
So basically the ML are very devoted to their wives even after their death and the FL is as always quirky and persevering and tenacious and funny, difference is she is single and childless.Also the kids are really awesome and even more mature but for prime minister and I, there are only 3 kids
Recomendado por 01FLA
I love the fun and interesting relationships between the in-laws in Five Children and the Potential in-laws in Wonderful Days. Both are Family dramas. Both follow the adorable and sometimes funny budding romances of the other family members. Both portray single parents and how they and their children deal with meeting their new love interest.
Recomendado por kdramasinpajamas
Family drama with lots of ups and downs. Remarriage is theme in both drama though handled in a very different way. Where Five Enough focuses on creating a new family, Life is Beautiful is the result of it. Of course there is romantic plot in both and they both deal with past trauma issues and family dynamics.
Recomendado por kasumii
An excellent. award winning, long drama that doesn't seem like it's 50 episodes. It about family, of course and all the things the father has to do to make sure his adult children live well. This drama was entertaining and filled with good and bad times as the drama progresses. If you want to watch a good drama, then 'What Happens to My Family?' should definitely be on your drama list.
Recomendado por SpicedSugah
They are both about family, finding love, overcoming obstacles and over bearing in laws
Recomendado por Mitchinyeoja
This story however different than “My Father is Strange” gives you exactly the same kind of feelings. The humor and the frustration when you have to deal with intrusive in-laws is exactly the same in both drama.
Recomendado por DMC
Both are family dramas with cute romances, light angst and heartwarming situations
Recomendado por 3ngin33r
Though at first glance these two dramas don't seem that similar cause Five Enough is a family drama while Gentleman focuses on four best friends, a lot of similar plot lines can be found in both so if you've watched one and you're craving a similar story, you might find it in the other. Both are ensembles shows that focus on friendship and familial love alongside romantic relationships and characters who are school teachers and golfers.

Both shows also have a love line where female character A has been in love with B but B falls in love with A's best friend C so A finds comfort in D who's related to B and eventually A and D fall in love. There's also a widowed character in both that finds love once again and children that cause bumps in relationships.
Recomendado por AllieCatDiva
Both are family dramas about a divorcee mother and a widowed father coming together and becoming one big family. Each family member have their own interesting story and their own obstacles to overcome.
Both dramas are heart-warming, with funny and light-angst moments, and entertaining.
Recomendado por penel
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