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Remake Dreams - When You Want Your Favorite Shows Remade Into Kdramas!
Editoriais - Fev 18, 2022

Have you ever wished for your favorite shows to be remade into a Kdrama?

Korean National Day in EXPO2020
Notícias - Jan 22, 2022

MDL revisits the UAE 'EXPO 2020' where multiple Kpop groups and PSY have gathered!

Overanalyzing Idol: The Coup
Resumo dos episodios - Dez 31, 2021

Everything you need to know about the nitty-gritty side of idol life made into a drama.

Overanalyzing The Romance in Hospital Playlist 2
Editoriais - Nov 16, 2021

How did this drama manage to turn their die-hard fan into their worst critic? Read more to find out!

A Concert, A Day
Editoriais - Nov 15, 2021

MDL goes to EXPO, and I reveal a big Mystery.

Currently Watching: My Roommate is a Gumiho
Editoriais - Jul 1, 2021

This webtoon-turned-Kdrama is a must watch for everyone who wants clichés and classic drama tropes done right!

MDL Production
Editoriais - Abr 29, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of THE perfect drama? Well, so have I!

Reasons to Watch: Sweet Home
Editoriais - Dez 27, 2020

Why you should watch South Korea's 2020 Supernatural/Thriller Drama "Sweet Home"!

The Ultra Fan Guide to Elaine
Editoriais - Dez 16, 2020

Introduction to one of the best OST queens, Elaine

Strong Female Characters Part 2
Editoriais - Dez 7, 2020

What does "strong" mean for you? Here is my list of what a real strong and layered female character should look like.

Meet the Reviewers of MDL: Part 2
Entrevistas - Out 27, 2020

A second part of Meet the Reviewers of MDL, in which I'm interviewing eight more amazing MDL reviewers!

Age Gaps (the good, the bad and the awkward)
Editoriais - Ago 28, 2020

XingBack's personal views on Age Gaps

Currently Watching: It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Resumo dos episodios - Jul 10, 2020

Mental illnesses, fashion, childhood friends, fairy tales. This Korean drama has them all.

Beardism in Dramaworld
Editoriais - Abr 30, 2020

Having a male lead with facial hair can add depth to the character's personality. Let's explore drama world on search of such rare appearances.

Korean Variety Show Spotlight
Editoriais - Abr 4, 2020

XingBack brings the spotlight to some of her favourite Korean variety shows!

XingBack's Beginner-Friendly KDramas
Editoriais - Mar 6, 2020

This year marks XingBack's 8th year in dramaworld and since more people keep discovering the world of Asian dramas, here's a list of dramas anyone can try!

Meet the Writers of MDL
Entrevistas - Mar 3, 2020

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes of article writing? Want to know more about the authors on the site? Maybe you just want to know how to go about writing articles? Come and meet 9 authors of the article writing team!

XingBack's Strong KDrama Female Characters
Editoriais - Fev 28, 2020

My goal is always to look for and enjoy great female characters~

The Ultra Fan Guide to Ro Woon
Editoriais - Dez 7, 2019

Everything you need to know about Ro Woon and then some!

The Ultra Fan Guide to Woo Do Hwan
Editoriais - Nov 6, 2019

All you need to know about Woo Do Hwan's acting career.

The Ultra Fan Guide to Jang Dong Yoon
Editoriais - Out 27, 2019

A little introduction to the new rising star Jang Dong Yoon.

[Supporting Role Syndrome] 10 Awesome Supporting Characters No One Ever Pays Any Attention To!
Editoriais - Out 11, 2019

Have you ever had SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) before? Well, now it's time for the new thing, the SRS (Supporting Role Syndrome)! If you ever loved a character just to find out, they are only an extra; this is the article for you.