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In light of the new drama Extraordinary You (a drama about a girl who discovers that she is not only just a character in a webtoon but worse! she’s a useless extra), I wanted to shed light on something I call the SRS (Supporting Role Syndrome). Though at least Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) got her own drama, so she is one of the few lucky ones xD

In this article I will only mention 10 of those characters no one ever paid attention to - besides me :( - really minor spoilers ahead, even if they are not part of the main line up there might be small spoilers here and there).

I see you, you hard-working extra no one cares about, you are not forgotten~

 1. Seo Ji Hoon in School 2017 (Guitar Guy, aka Yoon Kyung Woo)

My first ever post about this subject was for him, and now after 2 years Seo Ji Hoon's been making a name for himself, but I still want to know more about that precious mysterious calm and cool Guitar Guy. Just look at how he looks at Oh Sa Rang❤ and how HE looks with a guitar. ;)

 2. Kim Soo Hyun in Hotel del Luna (Owner of the Hotel Blue Moon)

He only had a brief guest appearance, and he barely talked, but his character's aura made fans beg for a second season.

3. Kim Seul Gi in The Legend of the Blue Sea (Mermaid 'Ep.20')

She was another mermaid-like Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) that came out of the water looking for a guy, but she had no knowledge about the world outside of the sea, so Shim Chung had to be a sunbae and teach her everything she knew. ;p

4. Tak Woo Suk in Mr. Sunshine (The Rickshaw Runner)

He came out in episodes 23 and 24, he was just a Rickshaw Runner, but his selflessness and bravery left a massive impression on me. Recently, Tak Woo Suk appeared in Search: WWW, as the male lead's friend, and I hope to see more of him in the future...

5. Ki Do Hoon in Arthdal Chronicles (Yang Cha)

I dropped this drama (no hate please xD), so I don’t know how much screen time he got, but if there were a compilation just for him I’d totally watch it~ And while searching for gifs, I got a better glimpse at his character, and I really like what I saw. ;)

6. Lee Jae Joon in Save Me (Dae Shik)

He was one of the first characters that made me think about SRS. He was Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan)'s sunbae/friend, and his story in episode 13/14 was sorrowful. He was just like Dong Cheol; he came from a low-income family with his single mom working hard to make ends meet, and to make things worse he finds out his mom is "involved" with this creepy, mysterious cult.

7. Mi Ram in Spring Turns to Spring (Cheon Soo Hyun)

She was Kim Bo Mi  (Lee Yoo Ri)'s enemy, turned frenemy/number one fan xD She barely had any important solo scenes, but I really loved her quirky characteristics.

8. Ji Soo in Doctors (Kim Soo Chul)

I'm a huge Jisoo fan -you can check my favourite male characters list or my favourite 2nd leads list and he'll be there, with practically all of his projects- so this SRS is not a surprise, but LOOK at him, he was such a fun easygoing and "rebellious" guy. I believe later on we find out that he's a single dad trying hard to raise his sick son(?), so like he was so much more interesting than the main male lead. He had better chemistry with Park Shin Hye (might even be her best costar chemistry wise)~ I really had to stop myself from posting ALL of his screenshots/gifs. ;p

9. Do Kyung Soo in It's Okay, That's Love (Han Kang Woo)

One might say, but he was not real, and that's precisely the point! I personally started the drama just for him, it was his first acting debut, and I was so invested in his story, and then bam, he was not even real. ;(

10. Kim Tae Ri’s ELLE 2019 photoshoot.

I’ll end this on a silly note, but imagine a female character with this style/aura; I feel like she’d be AWWEEESSOOMMMEE. ❤

And these are only a few out of many many more, though I’ve only started to really pay attention to them 2 years ago, so I’m sure I missed a lot more. I've been watching dramas for 7 years of my life, I've seen a right amount of them, and sadly a lot of repetitive main characters are portrayed. So, I hope more writers pull an ''Extraordinary You'' on us and give these never-seen-before characters a chance.

I might do the 2nd part if you guys find this interesting, be sure to mention if any side characters made you feel this way too.

Credits to the gifs' owners, all found around Google. Mr. Sunshine's screenshot was mine because I couldn't find anything on that SRS.