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Lost in Dramaland


Lost in Dramaland

How My Obsessive-Compulsive Drama Binge-Watching Started

I started actively watching dramas during the Covid-19 pandemic.  My binge-watching obsession started in June 2020 and the first drama I watched was Crash Landing on You I loved the show and also had a HUGE crush on Hyun Bin.

Since then, I've been binge-watching K-Dramas , C-dramas, Thai Dramas, J-Dramas. and Taiwanese Dramas. I don't have the patience to wait for weekly episodes, so I tend to wait till the drama is completed and the reviews come out.  

Writing Reviews

After watching over 228 dramas, I decided to write my first review for Legend of Fu Yao.  I love the drama so much that I am compelled to write something about it.   I've been reading other people's reviews, so I thought I should contribute (though I am not very good in reviewing).  Before that, I've just been writing my thoughts in the "Notes" section of the drama and tracking shows using the Watchlist.  The more dramas I watch, the faster I forget what I just watched.  Writing reviews is a good way to remind me how I feel about the title.  I tend to write reviews more favorably after binge watching instead of weekly watching.

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If you like Historical C-Dramas, I compiled a list with no dubbing or minimal dubbing.  Check it out here!

Review Ratings

I think I am pretty lenient with my ratings.  I tried to have both subjective and objective factors in my reviews, but the rating is mostly based on my gut reaction and my mood. I rarely give out 10s and mostly between 8.0-8.5. As I watch more dramas, I am becoming pickier and stingier.  

Friend Requests

I enjoy adding friends who write reviews, so I don't miss them when they are published to the Friends Feeds.  But I welcome everyone to be my friend, esp. those who like similar dramas.  Oh, just so you know, I am not young.  I am one of the "mature" ladies on MDL.  LOL 

Favorite Genres and Tags

99% of the shows I watch have a ROMANCE plot or subplot. If there's no romance, I usually skip it, unless it's REALLY good.  Here's a list of Romantic Male Leads that I love!

Favorite Genres:

Romance ❤️Historical Wuxia/XianXiaDramaFantasy

Favorite Tags:
Happy EndingStrong Female LeadSmart Female LeadFriends-to-Lovers
Enemies-to-LoversCohabitation/Contract RelationshipMale Chases Female FirstSecond Chance Romance

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2024 Chaos Clown Cave Chill Challenge  

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Favorite C-Dramas

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