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25 Ji, Akasaka de
Lovely Runner
A Journey to Love
I'm definitely enjoying Hayama Asami  as a character, but now I think I might be only enjoying him out of the whole show... 
The way Tae Sung is criminally underdeveloped pains me, because he is just so adorable. I need more of him. Give me less romance of bff and bro... 

The way one episode can ruin the whole experience of watching and make you want to drop the show... Surviving only thanks to the princess.

Boys Be Brave!

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon
What a lovable, chaotic and fun show it is. Went with low expectations, but even if they were higher I would not be disappointed.
Why is this so good and entertaining when nothing really happens? Love the educational setting and the chemistry is amazing. 
Nirvana in Fire
The Story of Ming Lan
Omukae Shibuya-kun
Third time trying to watch it. Not gonna lie, for now it's fine. I'm obsessed, but I'm not mad about it as I was previous two times. 
I keep hearing how it's gonna bring a lot of frustration in later episodes, and I drop dramas when they make me angry....

It is adorable, but somehow the story is losing my focus. The miscommunication and assumptions go strong in the plot... 


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