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The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion chinese drama review
The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion
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by roylyn
Jan 16, 2021
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No geral 5.5
História 5.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 5.5
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This was a waste of time

If this show taught me anything, it’s that you shouldn’t let ratings tell you what to watch.

Idk how it’s rated 8.1 on MDL but that convinced me to give it a try, along with the cast-I’m also from legend of yunxi so I like both actors, but I wish I had never started this drama.

First of all, the synopsis is all wrong. This show is not about a girl who sees the future. That lasted the first 2 episodes and deteriorated into something entirely useless and incoherent.

Second, this is the worst female lead I have ever encountered. I usually always give the Fl the benefit of the doubt and find the good despite all the bad but in this show, the bad farrrr outweighed the good. Not once did she trust the ML. She kept repeating the same bad behavior with the same consequences or results throughout to show-even till the last couple of episodes. How do you write a character like that? No growth at all. She talked so much about trust and the truth, but she didn’t trust her teacher/master and she didn’t trust her husband despite him repeatedly reassuring her of his innocence on numerous occasions. Also, her always spending so much time with the second male lead, in public and privately, especially after the male lead expressed discomfort about it repeatedly to her annoyed me. Like you are married-a little bit of respect towards your husband won’t kill you. There was also the issue of the blind faith/trust she had in the SML due to them knowing each other for like 5 secs when they were kids that she doesn't extend to the ML, who is...her husband. I didn’t even care if she lived or died-in fact, on some occasions, I wanted them to truly get divorced and he married the princess. Put simply, the female lead sucks, she’s awful. Her character belongs in a trash can.

The second male lead is even worse. He decides to go on this entire evil crusade based off secondhand info about a 10-year-old incident without verifying or questioning a single thing. Who does that? Who formulates an entire revenge plan that involves the betrayal and murder of so many innocent people without first verifying your reason? Even if he was right and that incident was what caused his mother's death, the male lead was a child then??? You're telling me the writer decided that his main villain is going to be someone who can't distinguish between a mistake made by a child and malicious murder? You will betray and murder someone who calls you uncle and has done nothing but trust you because he knocked over a candle when he was like 10?? Also, the actor’s acting was pretty bad. Maybe this role doesn’t suit him or something idk, this is my first show of his, but he portrayed zero emotions and he tried to act without moving his lips and that just annoyed me. And his obsession with the female lead due to their 5 sec childhood interaction grew tiresome really quick. Also, the way his story ended was the absolute WORST! We watched this lunatic run around for 39.5 episodes killing people in an attempt to kill the male lead over the stupidest misunderstanding, all for him to die before fully understanding how wrong he was and what he had done. Like what was that?!

The secondary couple, although cute, became annoying and repetitive promptly after because they refused to actually do anything about their relationship or make it official. This is a historical drama, how many episodes of flirting and almost kisses can there be before you freaking ask for the girl’s hand in marriage? The whole show with them flirting and fighting and no marriage. It was the same thing over and over.

And then there's the ex-friend of the female lead who became her enemy after misunderstanding the female lead's part in her father's execution. It was literally the simplest misunderstanding that could have and should've been easily resolved but it dragged the entire drama and the friend tried to murder her and it never gets resolved. Why not clear it up at the end-even if it's to make the ex-friend feel guilt and remorse for her actions? They left that unresolved.

The only character that had any growth was the annoying princess and that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever written. She grew from the most annoying person on the show, to still annoying but sorta like-able and caring.

I stayed through the drama for the male lead. While he was the typical cold ml, every so often he’d smile, smirk, or make the funniest, most ridiculous faces that just made your heart melt. He also turned into a total sugar ball around the female lead.

This show sucked. The plot was awful-I’m not even sure that there even was a solid plot to follow. The villain is so crappy that you’re more annoyed than scared of him. Every episode is a repeat of “how can we make the people in the male lead’s life not trust or believe him today about issues that are clear cut until he almost dies proving himself to them”. This is what you will be watching for 40 episodes.

I couldn’t wait for the special episodes but now that I’ve finished the show, I don’t even want to watch it cause just looking at the female lead is going to piss me off. Also, my idea of a happy ending for this show does not include the female lead. He could do so much better and be so much happier with a person who loves and trusts him. He loves her with everything, but she abuses that. My perfect ending would have been if he fell in love with someone, one of the times they were separated, and she cares about and trusted him as much he does her.
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