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I grew up watching Asian movies and anime since as far as I can remember. I started watching Asian dramas since the late 90s, early 2000. My favorite genres are action, mystery, thrillers and some romantic comedies, as long as it actually has some comedy and it's not about the leads acting like fools than just won't communicate. Poor communication is a pet peeve of mine!

My rating system may seem odd but there's method to my madness. 8 and over ratings aren't reserved for amazing shows with great acting, story, etc. If I find a drama highly entertaining I'll probably give it a very high rating even if it was cheesy and just plain ridiculous! :)

I love to make friends and meet new people, especially to discuss favorite movies, music and tv shows. Feel free to add me as a friend.  I just discovered MyDramaList so I am constantly updating all the shows I've watched but, as there are so many, I am still trying to remember them all!


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