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semester watch list-

81 eps/10 days left

21 titles
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i’ll either watch or watch!!

mid-july / august, sept watch list

12 titles
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2021; top #10 list
10 titles
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46 titles
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60 titles
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Bl dramas: ranked

all the dramas i've watched so far.

30 titles
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series i'll make berrin watch!!!!

i rlly love my bestie sfm and hopefully she's gonna watch these all so i'm making this list to remind her hehe! you had better watch 'em all…

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18 titles
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series i kept postponing but would like to watch

what can i say, well,, sometimes i might be just too lazy but hopefully i'm gonna watch 'em all soon!

24 titles
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2021' releases,,

ipytm, immortality and kinnporsche are the reasons why i'm making this list.

50 titles
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pinoy bl series
14 titles
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my fave thai actors

i've been obsessed with thai bl dramas for 3 years but to be honest; there are actors who can act and who can't so i want to make a list of…

12 people
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people i have crush on,, lol.

41 people
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to watch list

my currently watching goal for bl dramas hehe^

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