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Guess Who I Am chinese drama review
Guess Who I Am
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by justjacky
Abr 5, 2024
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Hilarious & chaotic love story of two con-artists

This drama is one of the most hilarious and chaotic rom-coms I’ve seen! It’s truly underrated. The drama is a story within a story. The female lead begins to write her novel and the story is her novel (this was only done to pass censorship). The story is about the female lead who has the power to make any rich man fall in love with her as long as he gazes into her eyes. She is a con-artist, and a good one, until she meets her match, the male lead. He is also a con-artist, a fake rich man. As they try to one up each other (think cat and mouse game) and untangle the mysteries of their past, they end up falling in love.

The drama blends seamlessly the comedy, romance and very light thriller vibes. The chemistry between the leads is fire and their supportive friends/partners in crime are the most endearing! There is no stupid love triangle, no annoying characters, no boring work stuff, no filler scenes. Only tons of romance, cuteness and laughter.

- Hot chemistry between the leads.
- Tons of cute romantic scenes.
- Sweet kiss scenes.
- Top notch comedy. Seriously, this is one of the most hilarious modern cdramas I’ve watched!
- Great support cast. A perfect blend of friendship/partners in crime/cute side couples.
- Main leads who are always shamelessly trying to one up each other in the best way possible.
- No love triangles.
- No annoying characters.
- No boring work stuff/ filler scenes.
- Fast paced (never a dull moment).
- Fun bickering scenes balanced with heartwarming moments.
- Tragic past for both main leads which adds more depth to their characters.
- One of the most satisfying and well wrapped up endings!

- There are some scenes where logic has left the room. However, that's what makes this drama so hilarious. The writers are aware of that and they shamelessly say “this drama is ridiculous and crazy, and that’s the point”. Basically, this negative point did not take away from my enjoyment at all!

If you want a highly entertaining, hilarious and silly rom-com with hot chemistry between the leads and strong friendship bonds, watch this drama!
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