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the ghost valley with wen kexing


the ghost valley with wen kexing

"do i deserve this?"

so irrelevant. do you want it?

happy pride month!

a bit about me -

hey, i'm just your local garbage who happens to like watching drama's and if you wanna be friends that would be amazing!

also if you bothered to look, I tend to rate a lot of drama's really high and the reason for that is because i feel really bad about rating them super low so don't think that these are super serious ratings.

i'm not even kidding, i literally stay up at night thinking i'm the reason a bunch of people are gonna lose their jobs because i rated one drama badly. so it's safe to say i'm not some professional drama critic that has a long thought out explanations, i don't have enough braincells for that lmao. 

my rating system -

everything is always above 7.0 because i feel bad when i don't rate a drama high. yes i am a huge pushover :)

anything below 7.0 must've really pissed me off or been super terrible but trust me that's super rare.

anyway thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

r.i.p moonbin


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