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 Calypso - they/she/he - 2000 - Aroace 

Accidentally fell into the world of dramas near the end of 2021 and now I'm stuck here.

I'm an  artist .
 Before dramas I was watching a lot of USA & UK series, now that's kind of in the background.
 Mostly watching LGBTQ+ romances as well as crime, detective, mysteries.
 I avoid anything with sad endings.
 Not a fan of historical, horror, medical & high fantasy stories (although there could be some exceptions).
 Love morally ambiguous and tsundere characters.

Would love to find some friends if we have similar taste in ships/dramas.


  My ratings ★ 

10:  Perfect / Favorites.
 9.5:  Almost perfect / Still favorites.

 9:   Very, very good.
 8/8.5:  Good.

 7/7.5:  Didn't hate it, didn't love it, it was fine.
 6/6.5:  Entertaining enough to continue watching but I had too many issues with it.

 3.5-5.5:  Didn't like it. Most likely kept watching only for the actors/characters while fast-forwarding a lot.
 1-3:  No.

✽ I drop  dramas if I don't connect to any of the characters, they annoy/ make me cringe too much or I'm bored out of my mind while watching. 

✽Favorite Dramas (in no particular order)


Favorite ships from dramas x

[Pat x Pran from Bad Buddy][Ink x Pa from Bad Buddy]
[Seo Joon x Ji Woo from To My Star]
[Hira x Kiyoi from Utsukushii Kare]
[Ida x Akoi from Kieta Hatsukoi]
[Vegas x Pete from Kinnporsche]
[Chi Soo x Gi Tae from Long Time No See]
[Ram x King from My Engineer]

[Kurosawa x Adachi from Cherry Magic]

[Han Tae-Joo x Kang Gook from Where Your Eyes Linger]
[Zhou Shu Yi x Gao Shi De  from We Best Love]
[Gu Hai x Bai Luo Yin from Addicted Heroin]
[Jaeyoung x Sangwoo from Semantic Error]

[Lian x Kuea from Cutie Pie]

[Theo x Akk from Enchante]

x Favorite ships from other series x

[ Hannibal x Will from Hannibal ][ Villanelle x Eve from Killing Eve ]

[ Andres x Martin from La Casa De Papel ]

[ Amity x Luz from The Owl House ]
[Vi x Caitlyn from Arcane]
[Yuu x Touko from Bloom Into You]
[Blackbeard x Stede from Our Flag Means Death]
[Louis x Lestat from Interview With the Vampire]



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