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Hello! I currently AM NOT ACCEPTING FRIEND REQUESTS but feel free to follow me. If you really want to friend, please help me get a sense of why through a PM.  ^_^ Please be aware I do spam the feeds when I watch a title and it will probably be annoying to you. Feel free to unfriend me at any time, I will not take it personally.

Thanks for visiting my profile! For those who are asking, my profile picture is of Choi Wooshik from the movie The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. I got it from this lovely collection of gifs.

List of dramas I'm excited to watch
I'm attempting this challenge!
I'm also attempting the color challenge :D
I hope to start The Journey soon
And attempting the Legendary Tales Challenge - China
After that I want to try the PTW challenge ^_^

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Queer and alt relationships

?The Love Of My Life aka Framboise?


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posts i found interesting in case i want a reread!BL audience comparisons Pinoy/Filipino /
Comments section (especially by user Rin) for how xianxia has been redefined over time /
comments on how online distribution works /
Strong female character test / Guidelines / how to add tags / how cultural context can influence a generation of cinema / how production works
MDL guidelinesNew TV Show guidelines


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