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Stories either about sex work, or that include subplots about it

fiflydramalover Jan 27, 2022
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  • Sakuran

    1. Sakuran

    Japanese Movie - 2007


    takes place in a brothel  and basically almost every character is a sex worker or sleeping with one

  • Queer Movie Butterfly: The Adult World

    giggilos at a brothel  

  • Call Boy

    3. Call Boy

    Japanese Movie - 2018


    about a gigolo

  • Extracurricular

    4. Extracurricular

    Korean Drama - 2020, 10 episodes


    this is about sex work

  • Mosaic Japan

    5. Mosaic Japan

    Japanese Drama - 2014, 5 episodes


    adult video industry. some people were being arrested on prostitution charges

  • Chihiro

    6. Chihiro

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    This focuses on Chihiro, who used to be a sex worker. Very good slice of life.

  • Happy Together

    7. Happy Together

    Hong Kong Movie - 1997


    one  of the guys is a sex worker, cruising style

  • Amanhã Serei a Namorada de Alguém

    8. Amanhã Serei a Namorada de Alguém

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 12 episodes


    this is about transactional relationships. It covers rental girlfriends, sex work, and host bars.

  • The Bride of Rip Van Winkle

    9. The Bride of Rip Van Winkle

    Japanese Drama - 2016, 6 episodes


    Two characters work/ed in porn.

  • Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu

    10. Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    one of the main characters is in love with a sex worker and we also get to know her colleague

  • Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu 2

    11. Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu 2

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 8 episodes

  • Rairairai Yo Demo Chanto Shimasu

    12. Rairairai Yo Demo Chanto Shimasu

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 3 episodes

  • Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu SP

    13. Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu SP

    Japanese Special - 2021, 1 episode

  • Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu 3

    14. Raise de wa Chanto Shimasu 3

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 12 episodes

  • Ikebukuro West Gate Park

    15. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

    Japanese Drama - 2000, 11 episodes


    A supporting character is a sex worker. She also has a love story with a minor character. There's also another character who has a private client into various play scenarios. And lastly, Makoto gets picked up for sex work when he is working in a host bar.

  • Ooku: The Inner Chamber

    16. Ooku: The Inner Chamber

    Japanese Drama - 2012, 10 episodes


    In episode 4 we meet Sutezo, who is a sex worker. He is quickly abducted for the Ooku. He does not seem to mind being a sex worker, and even enjoys it. This show takes place before Ooku (2010) and before The Castle of Crossed Destinies

  • The Castle of Crossed Destinies

    17. The Castle of Crossed Destinies

    Japanese Movie - 2012


    Emonnosuke was a sex worker for noble ladies before he moved into the Ooku. He mentions that he coonsiders himself like a rat and feels dirty because of the sex work. He didn't choose to be a sex worker. Instead, he did it to support his family, though we get a sense he somewhat resents them for it. This film takes place between Ooku (2010) and Ooku: The Inner Chamber.

  • Dong Lan Xue

    18. Dong Lan Xue

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 30 episodes


    the protagonist was forced into a brothel before she was employed as a maid. There's also a minor character who is a gigolo at a brothel. She continues to use her flirtatious skills in order to seduce men for information while working as a guard/teacher to her prince. He, however, does not approve out of jealousy.

  • A Journey to Love

    19. A Journey to Love

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 40 episodes


    FL used to be a baiqi, which I guess is a prostitute. I didn't fully understand, but I believe her father sold her to a the spy network who raised her in a brothel. It was there that she was trained to perform baiqi services as a spy and assassin. Her sex work isn't diminished in the show, and is brought up a few times throughout her romancing with the ML. Though in the first episode the story is set up so that she will be doing sex work, her plan is interrupted and after that she doesn't do so. Her history as a sex worker influences her characterization and how she develops as a character.

  • The Summer of Whales

    20. The Summer of Whales

    Japanese Movie - 2014


    The guys go to a brothel trying to meet up with an ex-girlfriend

  • 37 Seconds

    21. 37 Seconds

    Japanese Movie - 2019


    Yuma tries to have sex with a sex worker. He's kind of rude. 

  • Amor Entre Uma Fada e um Demónio

    22. Amor Entre Uma Fada e um Demónio

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 36 episodes


    during the human arch, one of the central characters (not the main) is a sex worker. Or as it's phrased she works at a pleasure house? Idk they phrased it in a way that I wasn't actually sure what she did with her customers.

  • A História de Ming Lan

    23. A História de Ming Lan

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 78 episodes


    One story arch centers around an off-screen sex worker and her brothel. The story starts around episode 24. Some time around episode 60, not sure exactly when, Gu Tingye visits a brothel again several times and especially talks with the head of the brothel. Despite the overall dissent towards sex workers throughout the show, Gu Tingye seems to at least view them as people.

  • A Lenda de Anle

    24. A Lenda de Anle

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 39 episodes


    In episode 3 we meet Linlang, a debuting courtesan at Lingxiang Pleasure House.

  • Peões do Amor

    25. Peões do Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 40 episodes


    In episode 15 we meet a sex worker. It's implied that she ended up in the work because of her family's debts. Her love was the FL's brother. 

    We also meet Wulan, who appears to be a sex worker that has also studied martial arts and is a spy. 

    The two work at the same brothel. 

    The FL gets jealous when she see's the ML there and he then tries to explain in a few ways that he was not a patron there. 

  • Não Chame isso de Mistério

    26. Não Chame isso de Mistério

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 12 episodes


    A minor character and several characters without speaking roles are sex workers who are murdered by serial killers

  • Nós Três Sobreviveremos

    27. Nós Três Sobreviveremos

    Thai Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    I believe it starts off at a strip bar where some of the strippers are also sex workers

  • Perdi Você Para Sempre — 1ª Temporada

    28. Perdi Você Para Sempre — 1ª Temporada

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 39 episodes


    A minor character used to work at a brothel until she married the FL's brother. She ends up working at the health clinic and training under the FL to become a physician as well. This character disappears from the story after the first arch ends

  • Watashi wa Uzu no Soko Kara

    29. Watashi wa Uzu no Soko Kara

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    one of the minor characters is a sex worker, or maybe it was the main character's neighbor sleeps with sex workers? i cant remember

  • Tiger & Dragon

    30. Tiger & Dragon

    Japanese Drama - 2005, 11 episodes


    The tenth Rakugo story is the "Shinagawa double suicide," which is about a geisha in the red light district who decides to kill herself after her old clients don't lend her money.

  • Half of Us

    31. Half of Us

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    The ML is known to frequent brothels, but not to have sex. He just enjoys the company and music. I feel like this is a minor trope and I kind of want to track where I've seen it now....

  • Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi

    32. Watashi no Shite Kurenai Pheromone Kareshi

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 9 episodes


    One or two of the episodes takes place in I guess its a brothel for giggilos. It's about the FL trying to have sex outside of her relationship, which she ends up choosing not to 

  • Alegria da Vida

    33. Alegria da Vida

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 46 episodes

    Fan Xian uses the brothels as an alibi and meets several high class workers

  • A Flower for Three Lives

    34. A Flower for Three Lives

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    One of the FLs is a courtesan, but based on the dialogue she might not be a sex worker.

  • Tokyo Rampage

    35. Tokyo Rampage

    Japanese Movie - 1998


    There are a few sex workers throughout. 

  • Moneyboys

    36. Moneyboys

    Taiwanese Movie - 2021

  • A Crimson Star

    37. A Crimson Star

    Japanese Movie - 2018

  • Midnight Motel

    38. Midnight Motel

    Thai Drama - 2022, 6 episodes

  • A Deusa

    39. A Deusa

    Chinese Movie - 1934

  • A Dama de Baco

    40. A Dama de Baco

    Korean Movie - 2016

  • Mamu; and A Mother Too

    41. Mamu; and A Mother Too

    Filipino Movie - 2018

  • Brothel 8

    42. Brothel 8

    Japanese Movie - 1974

  • The Life of Oharu

    43. The Life of Oharu

    Japanese Movie - 1952

  • Women of the Night

    44. Women of the Night

    Japanese Movie - 1948

  • The Sea Is Watching

    45. The Sea Is Watching

    Japanese Movie - 2002

  • Cuddle Weather

    46. Cuddle Weather

    Filipino Movie - 2019

  • Playboyy

    47. Playboyy

    Thai Drama - 2023, 14 episodes

  • Cicada

    48. Cicada

    Korean Movie - 2021

  • Kathoey

    49. Kathoey

    Filipino Movie - 2020

  • Sing in Love

    50. Sing in Love

    Japanese Movie - 2022

  • Different Princess

    51. Different Princess

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 36 episodes

  • Flowers of Shanghai

    52. Flowers of Shanghai

    Taiwanese Movie - 1998

  • Bangkok Khanika

    53. Bangkok Khanika

    Thai Drama - 2024, 8 episodes

  • Tokyo Hinkon Joshi.

    54. Tokyo Hinkon Joshi.

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 6 episodes

  • Princesa Sakura

    55. Princesa Sakura

    Japanese Movie - 2013

  • Kinki

    56. Kinki

    Japanese Movie - 2014