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Welcome to my drama archive!

⦿ started watching k-dramas in 2015 (with the og boys over flowers)

⦿ now I watch basically anything from any country if it sounds interesting or has romance haha. 

⦿  started watching on-air dramas in October 2020.  

⦿ Some dramas are unrated because I joined mydramalist late / didn't want to rate them years later because I didn't know if it was a valid rating (my opinion could be inflated if I happened to forget some plot points or feelings)

⦿ currently have drop everything disease

 If you've looked at my ratings and are confused, heres a quick guide:

⦾ If I rated a drama 1-6, there was a major deal breaker or multiple little things that ruined the plot for me

⦾ If I rated a drama 7, i thought it was an average drama 

⦾ If I rated a drama an 8-8.5 , I thought it was good

⦾ If I rated a drama 9-10, it was perfect/one of my favourite dramas! (could still have flaws, but I let it slide because I loved it!)


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