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Sleeping on the TV


Sleeping on the TV

   Hi! I'm AllyMia.

Just a casual foodie and drama addict passing by. Over the years I've watched a lot of dramas ... like a lot. 

                                                             Some of my favourite actors and actresses  are

Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao


Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Horikita Maki

Kamenashi Kazuya to Yamashita Tomohisa 

 Ninomiya Kazunari 

Kubota Masataka 

Narimiya Hiroki

Sato Takeru

Miura Haruma

Toda Erika 

Kamiki Ryunosuke

Choi Jin Hyuk

Kim Soo Hyun

Steven Zhang & Seven Tan

Bai Lu & Leo Luo  

Some facts about me

1. First drama is Cinderella's Stepsister

2. I like j-dramas simply because they're shorter in time. 

3. Favourite genres are romance, drama, thriller, mystery, medical and psychological. 

4. Favourite tag is adapted from manga. Simply because I like manga and anime. Which is why I have a list for live-action shoujo mangas

  We can't forget the live action manga adaption prince Yamazaki Kento

5. I binge watch typically in one sitting (or watch it on and off for a few years depending on the circumstances). 

6.  Favourite drama is always going to be Hana Yori Dango.

7. I have bad second lead syndrome and when I mean bad I mean horrendous. I love every single version of Hanazawa Rui. 


Feel free to add me as a friend <3, please I'm lonely.   

Just kidding I'm not that lonely I have dramas to watch. 

Now excuse me while I call off work saying I'm "sick" and watch dramas instead. 

Follow me on Tumblr: for some very not really updated items. 



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