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Started off watching Korean dramas (and variety shows) for years, but I'm starting to watch more Chinese ones now. Cheers to all my fellow drama enthusiasts and bless all the drama writers for better dramas to come~~~

Began Watching: ~2010
First Drama: either You're Beautiful or Boys over Flowers. I'm really not sure since it's been so long but those are the earliest ones in my memory.
Favorite Genres: 
Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Favorite Drama Type/Mood at the Moment: Lighthearted and Fun
Favorite Movie Type/What I'm Drawn to: Thriller/Horror/Drama/Action/Comedy
Note: For any drama, movie, or tv show  I didn't rate, it's because I watched it a long time ago and don't remember it enough OR I skipped through too much of it to give a fair rating. 

Aside from dramas, I am a fan of Mino (Winner) from his appearance on variety shows and his music, AKMU (a.k.a. Akdong Musician), and IU. Recently, I've been listening to Korean band Day6 a lot! I guarantee AKMU, IU, and DAY6 music never disappoints and all tracks on their album are amazing!



Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes (with Lee Sun Hee)

Nakka (Fall) (with IU)
Stupid Love Song (with Crush)     
Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc (with Beenzino)
Bench (with Zion.T)  
Next Episode (with Choi Jung Hoon)
Everest (with Sam Kim)




~~~Favorite Dramas~~~

Top Korean Dramas of All Time:

  1. Fight For My Way - great couples that seem a bit more realistic compared to other dramas
  2. Move to Heaven - literally me the WHOLE series:  TTTTTTTTTT_TTTTTTTTTT
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - everyone was so CUTE!!! Gotta love a strong FL and A+ chemistry
  4. The Guest - great horror, thriller, and mystery that wasn't draggy
  5. W - game changer in the fantasy genre for me with a comic book/parallel world setting 
  6. Psychopath Diary - a funny and enjoyable story with unexpected moments
  7. It's Okay, That's Love - wonderful story for a more mature audience (+first time I saw D.O. act-superb!)
  8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - a cute main couple. Ohh, young love~
  9. Eulachacha Waikiki - HILARIOUS, one of the best comedy dramas I've seen so far
  10. Kill Me, Heal Me - amazing chemistry between the leads (had me crying T.T)
  11. Because This is My First Life - a relaxing time for moments of self-reflection
  12. Splash Splash LOVE - short but sweet
  13. Moon Embracing the Sun - classic 

Top Chinese Dramas So Far:

If a C-drama is adapted from a novel, I enjoy reading the novels they're based on. If you look through my custom lists, some dramas have comments about whether the novels have been translated to English.  

  1. Ashes of Love - Had me in TEARS and loved the cast (what got me into watching more C-dramas)
  2. Eternal Love of Dream - great acting and was glad to finally see the story based on the novel
  3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose - suuuuuper cute (rewatched many scenes)
  4. Moonlight -  My favorite modern c-drama so far b/c of how main characters were written. FL is nice but NOT a pushover and works hard for her career. Leads respected each other.
  5. My Heroic Husband - laughed a lot and cried a little. Just a fun story that makes me look forward to season 2
  6. Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion - loved the second couple whose characters were well-written (kept watching for them)
  7. The Imperial Coroner -quicker pace and good dialogue
  8. The Life of the White Fox - a nice, light watch with slight romance. Waiting for season 2

C-dramas tempting me like: 




~~~Favorite Movies~~~

  1. Midnight Runners - a fun action filled plot with bromance whose characters grow on you  
  2. Our Times - quite the sweet high school romance
  3. Tunnel - far better than expected seeing the choices he made to survive
  4. Train to Busan - never knew a zombie movie could make me cry until I saw this
  5. Inseparable Bros - nice to see brothers supporting each other  




~~~Favorite Variety Shows~~~

I enjoy watching Korean variety shows and keep up with many of them that I haven't listed below. I find them easier to enjoy than dramas if I get busy (or stressed from not doing anything) since they usually have a theme for only 1-2 eps. 

Top Korean Variety Shows:

  1. The Great Escape: Seasons 1, 2,  3, and 4 (more seasons to come) - amazed by the sets & story every time
  2. I Live Alone (airing) - really makes you want to support all members
  3. New Journey to the West (all seasons + more to come) - super funny and enjoyed seeing Mino, Kyuhyn, and P.O. in it.  PLUS, they can each potentially win a prize of their choice within $1,000 !!!
  4. How Do You Play? (airing) - fun and sometimes reminds me of Infinite Challenge 
  5. 2 Days, 1 Night: Season 4 (airing) - nice to see + learn about various regions of S. Korea while casts play games to make it entertaining 
  6. Running Man (airing) - a classic. Early episodes were high intensity games & running with fun themes
  7. Infinite Challenge (completed) - so fun watching them try new things and challenges (sports, careers, games, contests, etc). I miss them so much and I started mid-way so if anybody has subs for early eps, let me know!
  8. Workman (airing)- really fun and fast-paced 10 minute eps of him trying different jobs
  9. Mapo Hipster (completed) - hoping for more. It was nice seeing Mino & PO's different clothing styles + funny skits

Mapo Hipster (ep 1 on Youtube)





Honestly, watching dramas is my main hobby?


I've recently started sketching on the side! I'm a novice with little art experience and only watched a video on how to draw eyes so far...but I've really enjoyed the process of drawing. If you have tips or know who I could watch to learn from, please let me know :)

WOW, you made it this far on my page! Thanks for visiting and reading about me. I hope you have a nice day! Stay safe and watch dramas ^^


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