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I'm here to enjoy my favourite BL series and distract myself from my RL issues. I comment very rarely and only if I'm invested enough in a series, so the comments you'll find from me are to 99% positive. 

Because I'm here to have fun and enjoy myseft, I dislike negativity and click on the ban button immediately if someone's comment annoys me. If I love something, then I love it, and I don't have to read that someone else I don't know or care about hates it.

My favourite BL series, in no particular order, are Cherry Magic (both versions, although I like the Thai version better), Our Dating Sim, Love Mechanics (the long version from 2022), Semantic Error, I Feel You Linger in the Air, To Be Continued, Unintentional Love Story and Love for Love's Sake. Series I acknowledge that have their issues, but I immensely enjoyed and have rewatched and analysed so I'd count them to my favourites anyway, are Fish Upon the Sky, Never Let Me Go, Love in the Air, La Pluie, Why R U (both versions) and Twins. 


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