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A law plus business post-grad, I'm stuck slaving away in the corporate, which is why I thoroughly enjoy watching Chinese and Korean shows whenever I can find the time in this rat race.

I enjoy watching modern dramas and do not watch period dramas. Having watched over 200 shows, I can say I have watched a variety of them from different genres, but my favourite genres remain to be slice of life, mystery, medical and legal/political. 

I would be happy to drop some recommendations if you need any. Although I'm not very strict with ratings and do not employ a bell curve in my ratings, I do have two language-separated lists currently where I've added my all-time favourite Chinese and Korean shows. I really like writing reviews because if my ranting (oftentimes) can be helpful to others, then why not? I don't do relative ratings, if I like a show, I rate it high irrespective of the number of shows getting an 8, 9, or 10. 

I enjoy K-Pop quite a lot and I'm proud to be a multi-stan. My love for it started with a mix of EXO, BigBang and BTS. I've stayed for ATEEZ, Stray Kids and BTOB. But I'm also in love with Girls Generation, Seventeen, Shinee, GOT7 and The Rose. Oh, and I absolutely love Eric Nam, Kang Daniel and Kim Hanbin. But I do listen to more OSTs than K-Pop. 

Random and Fun Fact: I'm an INTJ-A MBTI type

2024 Challenges I am participating (or trying to participate, at least) in:

Happy watching, swooning and discussing guys!

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