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Fighting for Love chinese drama review
Fighting for Love
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by Xtinew
Fev 21, 2024
36 of 36 episódios vistos
No geral 7.0
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 8.0
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I think we all can agree that the acting was good, the story though had lots of compromising turns, meaning: I am scratching my head like 'heh? but why?' First of all, the title is so deceiving, I don't see there's love worth fighting for. The drama started really good, I almost rated all 10 but as it progressed start to of annoy me.

We all know the basic synopsis of this drama: a respectful female general of the founding era of the Southern Xia dynasty, enduring hardships to become a legendary female warrior. Amai (Zhang Tianai), the daughter of the Duke of Jingguo in Southern Xia, witnesses her entire family being killed by adopted brother Chen Qi (Sun Shao Long). By an incident brought AMei together with Shang Yi Zhi (Zhang Hao Wei) who became his best friend. Amai, now a young woman, disguises herself as a man decided to join the military becoming an infantry with the intention to come face to face Chen Qi who're the Marshal General from enemy forces in the battle seeking revenge. Her hard work paid off as she's promoted highly due to her intelligence, loyalty, dedication, wisdom, and charisma. Although few people knew her true identity, they covered it for the better of battalion. When serving as a general, A Mai had an enemy named General Chang Yu Qing (Wang Rui Chang). They went through a difficult time that brought the two closer. The war in front of them forced A Mai to shift her personal affairs to defend her nation.

What I like about this drama?
* Some comedy in the episodes, great writing up to ep 22
* Amei was beautiful as a woman but easily transform into a handsome man too
* AMei went through reality of harshness, difficulties, hard training/labor, bully from a foot soldier, got promoted to higher ranking of well deserved. I like this because most of C-drama cross-dressing female general acted like females (cute beautiful face, doing girly stuff, flamboyant, separate room than male counterparts) Zhang Tian'Ai acted/thinking like a man and she actually lived & training hard like real men.
* Shang Yi Zhi (Zhang Hao Wei) came from a privilege life, his parent spoiled him to no end. His real identity Qing Han hidden since he was young to avoid banishment/retaliation from the Emperor. From a naive spoiled young man, his character developed each step. He depended fully to his advisor Mr. Xu, bodyguard Mu Bai, and A Mei as his trusted right hand. He might not a favorite ML but he's matured as he act selfishly as an Emperor to get what he wanted. He's willing to kill everyone as long A Mei say so, he cared less to anything as long as A Mei like to live with him as his Empress. Too bad A Mei had better understanding to what her heart saying...and it wasn't him.
* I like the end of drama. Peace to the country as Beimo Kingdom was in domestic turmoil. Chang Yu Qing (Wang Rui Chang) was again propose to her. Shang Yi Zhi was present hoping to get to meet her. Qi Yu safe and sound learning and training hard.

What I don't like about this drama?
** Ep 22 when she decided to marry Xu'Er to cover up her 'female' identity from her subordinates. Because of this, 2 people died, rising tension and fight broke up of the rumor of her femininity.
** Prime Minister Lin & Family. Alright, this family is so fucked-p, ambitious the PM used his children to get power. Who knew Mu Bai was his youngest son while Chen Qi was his oldest and daughter Ruo Fei was Yi Zhi Empress. Not to mention that this twist took all the screen time than other Male Leads. This drama turned into palace politics and harem jealousy & manipulation. I hate when I see women back stabbing or senile to each other.
** The title of the drama should be renamed to original: A Mai Cong Jun.
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