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BL fan since 2017 that drops way too many series she starts.

PondPhuwin is currently inducting me into their fandom 🤪🤪🤪

*me spazzing*

I used to be a staunch KBL hater, but I been binging so many KBLs nowadays, and I dunno.. They are kind of growing on me.. Maybe one will make it into my list below soon....

Some of my top series are definitely...

Minato's Laundromat (S1 < S2)
Be Loved In House: I Do
Old Fashion Cupcake
Dark Blue Kiss (SunMork)
My Engineer (RamKing)

My Beautiful Man

All of these couples hold forever homes in my heart and afford me inexplicable emotions ˖⁺‧₊ 

  • SOTUS (7+): Kongpab and Arthit are THE iconic duo 
  • WaterBoyy (3+): the entire plot and cast is nostalgia island
  • Minato's Laundromat (0): the tsundere archetype brought to perfection
  • Be Loved In House: I Do (1+): surprisingly sweet and rewatchable
  • Old Fashion Cupcake (2~5): eveything I love about Japan and more
  • SunMork of Dark Blue Kiss (6+): some of my favorite lines, chemistry, and subplots of all time.. I love to hate Sun.
  • RamKing of My Engineer(2+): the couple whose storyline will never be finished, but we are grateful for what we got
  • 2gether (2): To this day, I don't care how much hate 2gether gets. It's one of the most intoxicating and invigorating rides I've ever been on. Thank you for your service Bright.
  • My Beautiful Man (4+): a series that's stolen my life, my soul, and my will to live.. Long live Hira and Kiyoi.

**parenthesis indicate how many times I've rewatched.. "~" means some episodes I watched more than others.. "+" indicates at least that many.. For SOTUS, I've lost tracked as I never counted (for any series). Lmao. It could be 8 or 9 times for all I know.

Also a metalcore fan that loves going to concerts ‧ Counterparts ♡ TDWP ⊹ ❤︎ -- Found Kpop in 2015 but do not keep up with recent music. I am more of the type that listens to my faves from 2013-2020 era.


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