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Greetings to all lakorn lovers,

My name is Thanu,  a biomedicine student (21)

A FRIENDLY NERD but FUNNY, INFJ-T  (2ML personality ) 

A happy chilling single guy who loves to draw anime sketches

Favourite thai actor -: Mark Prin 

Favourite thai actress -: Taew Nataphon

 I like watching detective, crime, horror and law stories  since childhood. 

I wasn't into romance before but got to like it already. I love watching old lakorns more than remakes. Likes to watch romance with arranged marriage, forced marriage and Enemies to lovers dramas.  

 I like detective, crime and law stories as well since childhood. 

Thanks to my sisters, I started to  like  K dramas and C dramas as well.

I'm not thai (but I'm an asian ) : I can speak thai a bit and am learning thai these days( it's really  difficult) 

I'm new to MDL although I had gotten links and reviews about lakorns before I join MDL. 

Don't hate BL but not a BL drama watching person. 

 A Thai Lakorn Lover since 2022.

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