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I love reading Books and watching Movies & Series!

I've been watching Asian dramas for almost 2 years.

I accidentally found this site and while searching recommendations for my favorite  genre-crime/serial killer etc-i saw Flower of evil.And that is how all started!I proudly announce myself as an addict to Kdramas since then.

Through these 2 years i explored Cdramas.Jdramas and other  Asian movies/series.

Also a  new world opened to me.The BL world! Unfortunatelly i cannot remember which was my first BL cause i just watched it only by curiocity but iam pretty sure it was a Korean one.

Of course later on i discovered the famous Thai Bl's ,the sweet and cute JBl's,the bold Taiwanese and the lovely but annoyng CBl's(because of the censorship Law)

My favorite Genre is Crime/Thriller/Mystery.And everything that includes Serial Killers!

Actually i love anything that can stimulate my brain.Make me think and analyze what i watch.Thats the definition of a good movies/series to me.Any compelling story that makes me wanna keep watching non-stop.

Iam not into very romantic stories and i rarely choose a Drama when the first tag is Romance.

I like Love Stories but i want them to be  dark and troubled.I do not like the cheesy kind.

I want our protagonists to pass  through Hell until they get their Happy Ending.Or not so very happy.I actually do not mind this.(after Moon Lovers i was totally ruined so yes i can handle any ending since then!)

(Bl's always excluded,cheesy is fine here!)

Iam always open to any suggestions/recommendations.I give a try when the story is interesting and i do explore new genres too to decide whether suits me or not.

My Rating System:

My rate regarding  Story/cast/acting/music and Rewatch Value is as much objective as it can be.

It has to do with  technicalities  and skills mostly.(Always according to my personal taste ofc,this is a given)

But The Overall rating it has to do with my current mood,emotions and feelings.

I might give a 7 to acting for example but my overall rate could be a 10.So this is always subjective.

Below 5: Really Bad,waste of time,regret watching it.

 5-5,5-6:Bad.Not recommended.I have no idea why watched it!

 6,5-7:Average.Watch at your own risk.

7,5-8:Good,worth the watch.has one or more good elements.Give a try at least once.

 8,5-9:Really good.Enjoyed it.Well balanced & interesting.Recommended.

9,5-10:A Masterpiece.Everything was perfect.Flawless.A Must watch.Strongly recommended.

About Friend Requests:
Anyone can send me a FR.Anytime for any reason.My mailbox is open to everyone as well.
We are all here because we love watching Movies & Series.MDL is a great platform to exchange opinions as long as there is a mutual respect to everyone's different taste,ideals and ideas.
Personally before i take initiative to send  a FR first,i ALWAYS check the profile.If you mention you dont accept FRs i will totaly respect this.Second i always check the Watch-list.Is the best way to see if we are...compatible!Lol. Iam open and free to debate , argue and even "fight" over series or movies!
But if you have rated Flower of Evil less than 9...hmmm prepare your knives.The battle is going to be really hard and iam willing to bleed hard too! 

My Top 5 K-Actors  

Lee Joon Gi




Ji Sung  


Kim Nam Gil      




Song Joong Ki


Lee Dong Wook



Favorite Japanese Actors/Actresses

My Absolute Bias/Obsessions

My Top 5 K-Dramas






Cruel City  





 P.S. I know i said Top 5 but i can't help it!!

Extra Bonus:  

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


My Top 5 BLs










Manner of Death 




My Top 5 OSTs   

[OST of Word of Honor] 《Ask Heaven》

The Untamed OST 

 Free Fall  | Theme from KinnPorsche 

Why Don't You Stay KinnPorsche The Series

O.V.E.R OST Cheat on me,if you can 


I guess thats the very basic about my preferences and my personal taste.Ofc there are more and you can easily find out by checking my watch-list.I always add more and more.I just hope i will find the time to watch all of them eventually!

Thank you for been here!



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