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Cliff notes on my rating "system":

  • I try to use the full 1-10 scale:
    • Anything between 5 and 6 is considered average
    • Shows between 7 and 8 are considered above average
    • Shows in the 9 to 10 range are the cream of the crop
    • Anything between 1 to 4 is considered below average, with the 1-2 range reserved for the worst offenders. If I have too many of those, then I suck at picking shows.
  • I do not rate dropped shows. I may do an occasional exception provided I have watched more than, say, 75% of the show, but it would be unfair to judge a work based on a handful of episodes.
  • The 1-10 scale aims to be the more "objective" criteria but I have added a note on the rewatch value of a show to complement the numerical rating. Why? To be able to distinguish between great shows I'll only watch once and above-average ones I'll probably come back to multiple times. Thus, this is not necessarily a comment on a show's quality.
    • Low: Highly unlikely I'll watch it again
    • Low to Medium: Maybe once in a blue moon...
    • Medium: It's possible I'll come back to this show in the nearby future
    • Medium to High: Means it oscillates between the two. Could be a show that was High once and is now Medium or viceversa
    • High: In my go-to list whenever I want to watch something but don't want to start a new show
  • Don't try to compare numerical ratings between shows in different genres because it probably won't work. Ratings are more relative than absolute and sometimes my personal biases will tip the scale one way or the other.
  • This is a work in progress and, as such, entirely subject to changes


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