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Started watching kdramas seriously and consistently in 2009 so I guess the time has really added up. 

Anything rated 8 or above is something I would recommend for sure. Anything below 8 but above 6 are things I would recommend with caveats.

Below 6 are the dramas whose endings probably pissed me off in one way or another. (Usually a case of decent production values + likable actors paired with a storyline/writing/ending that sucked in my opinion.) If they are below 4, I think they shouldn't have been made in the first place.

I do not rate any drama with a 10 on my initial watch, all 10s are earned upon rewatches. (My 10/10 Dramas)

My ratings are a little harsher for CH dramas since I'm a native Mandarin speaker, which raises my expectation for the dialogue. At the same time it also means I have a greater tolerance for cheap CGI and can hold out on a drama if I like the dialogue enough.

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