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Hi ^w^/ 

In my Drama Watching; Kdramas is the Meat, Jdramas the Rice, Tdramas the Vegetables & Cdramas the dessert.

  • My favorite genre is Feel Good. But most importantly I value Dramas that make me think, and those who makes me feel.
  • I'm like increadibly proud of my custom lists,  so it would be so kind of you to check them out! (And maybee give them a heart ^^ <3)
  • I Love KPOP & K-Indie,  ( I stan a lot of groups, But My favorites are Seventeen, Oh My Girl, ONF, Monsta X & Stray kids)
  •  I´m a BIG Cat person !猫 大好きです❤       
  • The Meaning of My Username  is: To be Nice and Wise, Because that´s what the internet needs more of. Also It rhymes
  • My Main Language Is Swedish which means My English Fails Me Sometimes. when it happens, please help. (Swe: skriv till mig på svenska för guds skull om du är svensk!! Flams är välkommet)
  •  I Really like Blogs, (if U know any good ones message me!) My Current favorite is 
  • I study Japanese and Have done so since I was eleven (but I´ve not come so far, Kanji is a big hurdle ;___;) You're more than welcome to try writing in japanese. No matter how bad ;D
  • I am currently learning Hangul [한글] Cause I litterally see it every day: and If that's not a good enough reason to learn how to decode it, i dont know what is.

I need more Friends... 


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