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Hello, i'm a drama loving girl from Sweden, i'm older than the avarage here I guess.

I've been watching dramas off and on for years now, my first drama was in 2005 but I really didn't get addicted until recently. I'm trying to balance my fangirling with my work and with my social life. It's harder when you're like me and have no dicipline xD Feel free to send me a friend request, i'm always happy to meet new friends. I'm also a huge music fan, mainly kpop so if you want someone to fangirl with you've met the right person ;) Much love See you in drama land ^^

My style of watching dramas:

I do not drop dramas, even though I find them super boring I never drop them. This is because i'm a curious person. I want to know how it ends, if it gets better or even worse. I can put stuff on hold for an indefinite time though but i'll finish them sooner or later. Some dramas i've put on hold is because I can't find any subtitles for the drama which is a pain because there's probably never going to be anyone who subs them T-T.

What my ratings mean:

10: Perfection

9.5-9: Awesome

8.5-8: Great

7.5-7: Enjoyable

6.5-6: Ok

5.5-5: Questionable

4.5-4: Boring

3.5-3: Awful

2.5-2: Disaster

1.5-1: Stay the hell away.

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