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Izakaya Fuji
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Jan 15, 2021
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A truly hidden gem!

Just finished watching it a while ago and it was so amazing. I didn't expect it will turn out this good! The overall story was simple, a dream-chasing journey with its ups and downs, and it blended perfectly with all characters there. It was delivered with interesting narrations and dialogues that grabbed my attention from the beginning of the story until the end. I didn't realize that I've just finished watching an episode and two, three, then the entire show, it kept me glued for a whole day XD.
I didn't find any English sub on this so I just watched it raw. There's some parts that I don't really understand since my Japanese skill is poor. But the dialogues and scenes was clear enough for me to understand the whole story. You should give it a try especially if you're looking for a funny and heartwarming drama.

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Ago 5, 2020
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It’s amazing. Love them since the first episode.

This drama is set in the same universe as Unnatural (directed and written by the same team). So if you like Unnatural, I’m sure you’ll love MIU404 instantly! Somehow the atmosphere and style of these two are very similar. Each episode of MIU told different cases and story but it also carried a big case(s) that linked all episodes or at least from episode 3 onwards.

Ibuki and Shima are perfect buddies, along with Kokonoe, Jimba-san, and Captain Kikyo they’re a perfect team. You can find a “normal” attitude of general people in this team. The ignorant, the perfectionist, the critic, the funny guy, and the leader are the ones who create the balance in the stories. Yeah, until episode 5 when I wrote this review, they’re still not fully trusted to each other, but their development is very interesting to see. The guest role in every episode portrayed the character very well which makes all stories very memorable. The additional cast (if you don’t find out yet) will make you scream!

You know what makes J-dramas (the good ones) feel so good? I think is their way to tell the story very beautifully. The words of their script are indeed beautiful. MIU404 is one of them. I’m not fluent in Japanese, but big thanks to the fansubber of this drama (, I can understand their funny conversation and find the interesting way they used to tell the story. Simple words like I’m sorry and I’m fine can hit me differently. Also, in episode 4, they showed sentences with different orders that can create different deep meanings which went very well with the story. That was amazing.

Can’t wait to see how the stories progressed in the next episodes. You shouldn’t miss this one.

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