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The fields of both dramas are quite different but somehow I find that they resemble each other. You can see how the characters are diligently and delicately doing their work, how long and difficult their journey to create something, how happy they all when their mission's accomplished, and how passionate they are to never stop challenging themselves. Both dramas also show interesting knowledge & technical information on each field which were nicely narrated & combined with the plot. All the characters are very dear & outstanding, their bonds & teamwork are just the best. Both dramas are really worth to watch!
Recomendado por Mamir - Abr 22, 2024
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The leads of these two dramas have similar condition in which they felt some guilts and regrets after losing their loved ones. They faced the "lingering" presences of their loved ones before gradually overcame it.
Recomendado por Mamir - Jun 6, 2023
Well, before Haruna and Ryusei proved their good chemistry in Kikazaru Koi, they were so nice together in this Shiro to Kiiro drama even though with much fewer screentime. Both dramas also have similarities for a story about food/restaurant with daily struggle of the characters. There are some "love competitions" between the characters, but they also show good friendships & nice relationships. These two dramas also bring good stories about hard-working spirit to make dreams come true.
Recomendado por Mamir - Jun 3, 2021
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I think Hiyokko and Teppan have some similarities. Besides its focus on food & restaurant, these two asadoras also depicted heartwarming stories about a group of people who live together in a boardinghouse. At first the characters didn't care about each other, but slowly as the story progressed they started to learn about each other's life and truly became a family-like group when they are away from their hometowns.
Recomendado por Mamir - Mai 10, 2021
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This drama is set in the same universe as Unnatural (directed and written by the same team). So if you like Unnatural, I’m sure you’ll love MIU404 instantly! Somehow the atmosphere and style of these two are very similar. Each episode of MIU told different cases and story but it also carried a big case(s) that linked all episodes or at least from episode 3 onwards.

Recomendado por Mamir - Ago 3, 2020