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Hi Y’all

Thank you for visiting my profile. I originally started watching BL series in mid-2021 due to falling down a YouTube rabbit hole which I have no plans to leave. My love of BL series quickly transitioned over to Non-BL series too. I mostly watch series/movies from Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. I occasionally watch BL series from the Philippines and Vietnam (I wish MDL had a section for this country).    

Random Notes about Me:

  • Sexual Orientation – Gay
  • Preferred Pronouns – He/Him
  • I have the patience to wait for a whole series to come out to watch it, but not to start a series and wait each week for the next episode. I know, it doesn’t make sense.
  • I do not have a problem with dropping a series/movie like a hot potato. In general, I’ll watch 3 episodes before I decide to drop it. If I’m still on the fence, I’ll watch one more episode. I’ll drop it quicker if it introduces subject matter I don’t like/enjoy.
  • I use the “On Hold” section of the list in a different way. I place shows in this section for the following reasons: Series is out but I don’t have a way to watch it; I’m on the fence about watching it due to various reasons.

Random Notes about My Reviews:

  • I do not write a review for every series/movie I watch. I sort of have a system on when to write reviews, but I don’t always follow it. Sometimes I will love a series/movie but really don’t have much to write about it.
  • I do not read source materials (novels, manga, webtoons, etc) that are usually used for series/movies.
  • I try to stay objective when I write my reviews because of cultural and generational differences.
  • However, I acknowledge my reviews can be shaped due to my cultural and generational differences. After all, our opinions are always going to be shaped by our experiences.


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