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King Julian

The road less traveled

King Julian

The road less traveled
War of Y thai drama review
War of Y
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by King Julian
Dez 14, 2022
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Psychological Drama disguised as a BL

This series was incredible. I couldn't even classify it as a BL. That wasn't the purpose of it. It wasn't a romance. This series was a psychological dark fiction drama. It took the BL industry and peeled back its skin and showed the truth. From the fans, to the managers, to the actors, to the writers, the producers, the directors, they showed it all. They took four stories and gave us a real look at what the industry does to people, and what the people do to the industry. The ugly truth and the twisted beauty in that truth. While doing all that they gave us incredible in depth characters and storylines, making us all the more invested, making it feel all the more real. Through the characters we watched love, revenge, betrayal, bribery, manipulation, trauma, passion, fear and desire. It gives you chills. I haven't felt this passionate writing a review for a series in a long time. It truly blew me away.
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