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Mademoiselle Noir

Drowning in tea (most likely salted caramel or earl gray)

Mademoiselle Noir

Drowning in tea (most likely salted caramel or earl gray)

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Promoter of consent (particularly expressed or enthusiastic) banishing forced/questionable scenes in Thai BLs since 2023. In the name of Raikantopeni and Krub! 

*23* She/Her |  Biromantic Asexual

 Bi, and absolutely fine with being Bi. And, if you're NOT fine with my being Bi, then you can go Buh-Bi.

Also Ace, and completely okay with being Ace. And, if you're NOT okay with my being Ace, then I don't want to see your fAce.

Quote/Current Mood: "Is it that you don't want it or don't dare to want it?"

PTW List Current Count: 86

Started at 150 in December 2023.

To "steal" a phrase from an MDL member who introduced me to their WBL fan friend, my drama-watching habits are: Impressive. But scary. Also, according to another MDLer, I am a bit of a tease. Lol. Two things of note about me are that I have an obsession with rings, and really really love tea.

I apologize (but I also don't) in advance for the sometimes long posts (writer brain can't be shut off) and the occasional emotional poetry post.

The easiest way to get to know me and hear my opinions is to look at my lists. I put most of my time and effort into making them and updating them.  I don't write that many reviews, though I do make review posts on the feeds sometimes instead of trying to reach the character minimum.

For getting to know me:

List that will tell you the most

Post about one of my favorite books

House tour. Lol.

Korean LGBT+ Main & Side Characters/Romances

Currently Watching List

Friend Request Info Near The Bottom (please read before sending)

Gorgeous Moments/Scenes:

Youth of May

Manner of Death

My Love from Another Star

From Me to You

Second Chance
Will Be Adding More Stuff Later! Someday!

Lines/Quotes That Stuck With Me:

It really only came upon me as a sudden thought. "Then . . ." A simple curiosity to see how this man would react. "Why don't you date me, Seryou?"—Yuzuru

Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

"The moon is beautiful."—Cha Eun Ho 

Romance Is a Bonus Book

"Come on, set forth!"—Machida Wako 

Colorful Love

“Every moment I spent with you shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it."—Kim Shin


"I don't care what the sex is."—Absolute Bisexual King, Yoon Chi Woo (I know this one is silly but it's too iconic for me to not include)

The Sweet Blood

I decided to be honest with myself, and you, and finally admit my condition:

Regarding Friend Requests:

If you love tea, Landon Pigg, and cats, and hate summer definitely send me a friend request. Lol. 

Regardless if we have those aforementioned things in common I ask that you also send a message letting me know why you are though. That would really help! Thanks! :)

A.K.A. If you want to be friends, unless we have interacted a lot/a bit on the feeds or somewhere else on MDL, send me a message. It's kind of my baseline standard for accepting people. That being said, sometimes I will accept without a message.

Notice: I have reached well over 100 friends and most likely won't be accepting new friend requests. Doesn't mean I will refuse ALL friend requests. I'm not some "mysteriously cold and out-of-reach" ML like you would find in an early 2010 drama. Pinky promise I'm not intimidating either.

K-Pop Stuff:

Stray Kids

A Starminy Moengene—I'm coining that term. It's mine now! It took me about a minute to come up with it, but I'm quite proud of it, and I'm claiming it!

An Army, a Stay, an Atiny, a MOA, and an Engene: BTS was the first K-Pop group to get me with their amazing lyrics, unique sound, and beautiful choreography. I didn't think I'd ever like any other group, other than the occasional song. Felix dragged me in not too long ago with God's Menu, and then I became addicted to Stray Kids' music and personalities. Also, Hyunjin's caring nature is giving me life. Yeosang, San, and Wooyoung are to blame for getting me interested in ATEEZ when they released I'm The One, and then I had to go and listen to their older music and it was absolutely amazing. And then I listened to their new music, and it was absolutely amazing, so I had no choice but to admit that I'm not just a casual listener anymore but a very passionate and awe-struck fan. Also, why is their choreography so powerful but they can also be incredibly graceful and sleek at times? Too good! TXT and Enhypen both grabbed me at about the same time with their super tight choreos, unique concepts and experimental styles, and personable members. I thought I wouldn't find myself falling for any more K-Pop groups, but they just wouldn't let that happen! I now call myself a baby MOA and Engene.

I also listen to any of BTS members' solo stuff, Taemin's solo stuff (I'm very very slowly getting into SHINee too), NCT (all units), Taeyong's solo stuff, Kai's solo stuff, and a bit of EXO, OnlyOneOf, and Baekhyun's solo stuff.

My home groups (main groups that I feel at home/comfortable with) are: BTS, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, TXT, ENHYPEN, NCT (includes all units), THE BOYZ, The Rose, Mamamoo, EVERGLOW, and Xdinary Heroes.

Currently interested in: Seventeen, Dreamcatcher, (G)I-DLE, and NewJeans.

End of K-Pop Stuff

Lastly, I am, self-admittedly, a . . .


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