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Ask MDL: Computers and the Internet
Editoriais - Dez 29, 2020

Ask MDL's recommendations of dramas and movies that have computers or the internet as a critical part of the story.

ASK MDL: Parental Ties
Editoriais - Ago 9, 2020

This edition of ASK MDL brings you the picks of dramas and movies showcasing parental relationships.

Ask MDL Harem/Reverse Harem
Editoriais - Mar 21, 2020

This time we picked the tag "Harem and Reverse Harem" this year topics will focus on Tags rather than genres.

Ask MDL: Thrillers
Editoriais - Nov 10, 2019

Ask MDL brings you our best recommendations from the thriller genre!

Ask MDL: Medical
Editoriais - Set 4, 2019

Ask MDL brings you our best recommendations from the medical genre!

Ask MDL: Action
Editoriais - Jul 1, 2019

This month, Ask MDL brings to you a choice selection of some of the best action out there. Hope you'll enjoy them!

Ask MDL: Sports
Editoriais - Mai 18, 2019

Ask MDL welcomes you to join us through blood, sweat and tears with our new 'Sports' edition!

Ask MDL: Myths, Legends and Imaginary Worlds
Editoriais - Abr 2, 2019

Ask MDL want you to join them in the realm of all possibilities.

Ask MDL: Romance
Editoriais - Mar 3, 2019

Ask MDL is back with a new edition and new additions!

Ask MDL: Winter Holidays
Editoriais - Fev 7, 2019

ASK MDL tackles the topic of "Winter Holidays".

[Fan Polls] Best of Korea 2018 Results
Editoriais - Fev 6, 2019

The results yielded by January's poll on the best of 2018 in South Korean Video Entertainment.

ASK MDL: Friends and Family
Editoriais - Nov 22, 2018

The November edition of Ask MDL is here! Join us and discover new recommendations.

ASK MDL: Halloween
Editoriais - Out 31, 2018

The Halloween edition of Ask MDL is here! Let's get spooked!

Ask MDL And Now For Something Different: Historical (September)
Editoriais - Set 26, 2018

I'd love to see a political romantic palace historical drama from various countries (often stick to Japan) with gorgeous settings.

Ask MDL And Now For Something Different: Food
Editoriais - Ago 5, 2018

This month's topic is 'Food'. Get the best recommendations for food drama and films across all the countries that are on MyDramaList.

Ask MDL And Now For Something Different : School
Editoriais - Jul 5, 2018

This month's topic is 'School'.

Ask MDL: And Now For Something Different
Editoriais - Jun 10, 2018

The new revamped version of Ask an "Ahjummah": An Article Series for all countries on MDL