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Rinko-san Quer Experimentar
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de Rachel
Fev 4, 2022
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No geral 8.5
História 8.5
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A Bite-sized drama with a unique beginning

I am not a stan of Japanese dramas so this one is good

Firstly the story. I have to say the concept used was a experiment and a good one. it was a little irritating how the story went in the later part but had me there binge-ing

A stort description will be
Amaki-Rinko(rinko-san) is a like one of the those womens who are like called 'perfect'. Perfect body,Promoted at job, smart. There is only one thing she thinks that she lacks that is even her biggest secret; she is a virgin. To complete her puzzle of image of her perfect women is just to add the last tile by losing her virginity. But she wants to lose it to a man with few standards set by her and there she finds Kamisaka-kun who is too a virgin fitting all the standards she had in mind with a longtime highschool-crush. They both then decide to lose their virginity to each other through a contract . but will it be easy to lose their virginity without falling for each other? Find out that while watching this bite-size-drama.

I would recommend it to all the Japanese drama begineers as it a good one to start with and you can finish it the same day

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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
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de Rachel
Dez 12, 2021
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No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
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Relaxing drama full of emotions

l don't know where to start with.

l just finished the drama and l really loved this one. It has to be my most favorite drama of year 2021 coz' it just has everything l expect from a drama.

Starting with the story , l think the kdrama writers really know how to just play with our minds. sometimes they just make us feel so overwhelming that you just cry along with the actors but thenext minute there comes a character with enough humor to just make you smile.the only thing l didnt liked was the backstory of du-sik as that wasn't in need of being so harsh but still the end neutrilizes it.

The cast and chemistry is the best thing this drama has. l love all the couples and even the kids.Every character involved is worth appretiating. I have not watched any work of both the main leads but l seriously love the dimple-couple and now, l'm really a big fan of shin min-ah. And not to forget the best part , ahjumahas' trio. they are literally the best one l have seen after from the one in reply 1988.
Their chemistry was awesome and their story literally made me cry.

The only thing which at first attracted me towards the drama was the gongjin village.
l love nature , especially the water bodies. Everytime the sea or the mountains were shown in the scenes paired with so relaxing and calm OSTs, l just use to rewind those for like most of the times.

Overall a relaxing drama to watch when you want to feel some realstic emotions and some lively time alone but l would really recommend to watch this one with your partner!!

l don't mostly advice rewatching it coz' l know sometimes we just feel to skip after we watch like 4 to 5 episodes when you already know the plot so when you are watching for the first time , relax and enjoy watching it peacefully and don't worry even if you missed the premiere coz' that really doesn't matter!

These were my honest opinions by the fangirling drama-addict part of me.

l really don't bother about budget and all coz' it doesn't even matter to me and l am sorry but l'm not well known with the directors and writers.
This was my first time writing a review and l think this was is a good one to start with.

Have a great time watching !!

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