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Not Me thai drama review
Not Me
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by LiN
Mar 7, 2022
14 of 14 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 8.5
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Anyone disappointed after watching this? NOT ME.

An incredible series that GMM25 has delivered and a dangerous new standard for the upcoming series. Why? Read below. This is a longer review than usual, but this series is INCREDIBLE and therefore incredibly hard to only put into only a few paragraphs. :))

(Quick recommendation. Listen to this while reading:

The story is unique and nothing that anyone has easily come close to achieving. Political topics have a high risk of not being well received by the viewers because the pacing often becomes very sluggish and boring if it is not implemented correctly. Another danger with this trope is that romance can often feel redundant and inappropriate, thus degrading the quality of the story. Neither is the case here. Why? The answer is not very simple.

Let´s start with the production and filming/ writing of the scenes. Throughout the entire series, one can not deny the beautiful shots that were taken. Everything seems to have gone under detailed planning of how to use the natural light the best and how to film beautiful scenes at locations, that doesn´t depend on much editing. However, one thing is certain, professionals are at work. Both in the filming and editing, but also in the individual usage and choice of music. Incomparable to other series.

Praise to Nuchy Anucha Boonyawatana, Noolek Sureechary and M Rittiktai Kanjanawiphu for the incredible screenwriting. I did not stumble across any grievous mistakes. Personally, I want to thank the creator of "Not Me”, Dem Thanutnun Vitsivakun, for creating this incredible story. She has succeeded in merging the topics of politics, injustice, LGBTQ+ and revenge to a point where you can only be amazed.

And of course, praise for the cinematographer Beat Pramett Chankrasse, he gifted us with captures of breathtakingly beautiful moments. The scenes embody the emotions of all the characters and carefully embrace them. But how are other series supposed to keep up now, mister? I have no idea.

The difficulty that this series has met was the decreased amount of episodes because of budget problems. This problem was briefly felt towards the end, but the overall presentation is so brilliant that the few inconveniences can be overlooked, really!

Black and White are twins with a powerful connection but the two are as different as day and night. White is very dedicated to reveal the truth behind the state of his hospitalized brother, but his personality is FORTUNATELY too different to not cause other problems, incidents, etc. This fact is very well implemented by the writers: Without being too obvious about it they make White purposely misbehave in his role as Black. The story and its execution go hand in hand in this series.

The entire plot had so many risks in its adaption, but the series succeeded in not getting trapped by them. On the contrary, they used this fear to create a masterpiece that will amaze everyone, probably even the people involved themselves. The expectations were more than met.

The side stories also have their unique charm, and the introduction of a mute person just gives the overall picture that certain something of realistic scenario that you get addicted to watching. No matter if politics, injustice, LGBTQ+, revenge or disadvantages, each topic is accurate and not exaggerated.

The female characters did not meet the cliché standards of many other BL, on the contrary, they were no tools for the story but - and that should be the norm - they were their own masters, had their own lives and did not have any unexplainable toxic trades. All their reactions were understandable and well implemented.

The characters aren't denied their mistakes either, rather in the series these people try to work on their mistakes. That's what makes them so human and the series so perfect.

Before I get to Gun´s outstanding performance, I start with the supporting cast. The acting of all of them was solid and no one seemed to be uncomfortable to look at. Additionally, I also want to praise whoever cast this outrageous cast. Because even smaller roles like the parents or the antagonist have proved themselves well and worked fine with the plot.

Film (Eugene) and Lookjun (Namo) delivered two incredible performances as two female characters in a gay romance oriented series. They acted very naturally, and one could sympathize with their portrayed roles. Especially Film was well cast for her role as Eugene. Filmshy was also doing a good job, but she didn´t have much screen time, so it´s hard for me to review it.

Let´s get to the boys. Oh. I have so much to say but I don´t know where to start. I have never imagined Sing to ever get this kind of role, but he succeeded in any means. If you ask me, he deserves to get more main roles in series because he is such a flexible and good actor.

The leader of the garage, Gumpa played by Papang. Two words. Unexpected Gem. This guy did such a good job in his role. He also deserves more screentime because he is truly gifted. The same goes for Mond, who portrayed Gram. Personally, I like this actor a lot because he always managed to meet my expectations and I love the control he has over his facial expressions.

When it comes to emotions and portrayed intimacy, First (Yok) and Fluke (Dan) were blowing my mind. I loved their shots and on-screen scenes. Everything in this series worked incredibly well together but especially these two. After watching their sequences, I got inspired and overwhelmed by a sudden wave of motivation. I will miss them. I will miss the PAIN. THE PAIN.

There was also incomparable harmony between Gun (Black/ White) and Off (Sean), again ... but honestly, how do they do it? How crazy can one succeed in their role? The two are a great match and I hope to see more of them in the future. Speaking of how incredible these two are, Gun deserves a special mention. He managed to draw a clear line between Black and White. Cold and warm. Physical and psychological. He was playing both twins, but you could tell them apart. Manifestly! What an incredibly good actor! Mastering a twin role alone is something many have attempted and failed, but none has been as good or compelling as Gun. Give him a huge award and lots of love and attention.

At this point I´d like to cite our POP-Queen Lady Gaga:
NOT ME is “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, (…)”. In a nutshell, this show is everything and more the LGBTQ+ film community has ever wished for. The sceneries and shots are breathtaking, the actors outstanding and the edit incomparable. Even the use of music has been merging with the entire awesomeness of this show. Every expectation is being met and it´s honestly nothing you should miss.

The upcoming series has a lot of work ahead if they ever want to meet this extreme standard of perfection.
Who am I lying to ... it´s impossible.
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