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Best Shows With Dark Concepts ALL TIME

Let´s collect the dark gems together

38 titles 15 loves
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Best Of 2024

The List contains 250 spots.

3 titles
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Best Shows With Dark Concepts in 2022

I had so many conversations about this so let´s just list all of them to have a nice collection. :)[I am sure there are already lists out there]

13 titles 6 loves
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CW/ Completed by LiN [2023]

I´m interested in what this year will look like drama-wise for me. :)

41 titles
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What Lin Watched 2022

Let's see what 2022 has prepared for me [us]

44 titles 5 loves
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Lin´s 10 Sins

[Don´t bug me for this title -  it fits damn well ><]

10 people 15 loves 3 comments
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Most "gifted" antagonist / "villain"

After I have already created a voting list for the shows with the best written antagonists/ villains, (…

46 people 9 loves 10 comments
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Shows with the best written "villain" / antagonist

The interest in well-written antagonists/ villains is great under a few drama trailers and therefore I allowed myself to start this voting list. With…

62 titles 26 loves 12 comments
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Lin´s tongue biters

There you go.

12 titles 3 loves