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Kim Sa Ram

The Grim Reapers Tearoom.

Kim Sa Ram

The Grim Reapers Tearoom.

Just keeping a record of what I've watched... 

Started off in k-drama world, then ventured to Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China - and expanding my vault constantly. This was a little while ago, and I only discovered this site recently, so I've data dumped everything I've watched. What can I say other than I like lists?

No genre is off limits, but I have a soft spot for 'one fell; first, the other fell harder', age gaps, found families and interwoven mythology. Sarcasm and well choreographed fight scenes also go down a treat. 

Hardest characters to watch are those that have been written to feel entitled to another's affection/money/presence because of time spent together in childhood, or due to some kind of trauma - delulu characters, even when portrayed well, usually make me cringe.

Goblin started it all for me, and I haven't found a drama or film to surpass it (for now...). 


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