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Welcome to my Cave!

Gonna be honest, I have no idea how I ended up here. And with "here" I mean the realm of Dramas. One day I stumbled across my first drama and I kind of never left. Now I have 2 full folders of Dramas that I have watched and want to watch, adding dramas faster than I can watch them. Sadly there are only 24 hours in a day and every now & then I have to be a reasonable adult doing things adults have to do.

I love meeting new people, so feel free to contact me / send me a message!

It is really damn sad that I have to write this here, but ALL of my reviews are MY opinion. No, I don't expect you to share my opinion, just to accept it. I am absolutely open to discussing a review but I am in no way interested in defending my opinions to you (or anyone else). 

Please. just accept that not everyone shares an opinion and that's perfectly fine.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice Day!

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I loved it. Dramas I really enjoyed, rewatch and would recommend to both friends and people that don't normally watch KDramas. They are simply THAT good.


There were some things I would change but in general it was a very enjoyable drama to watch. Would recommend.


Really nice drama, enjoyable despite a hand full of things I would change. Probably would recommend.


Nice drama but there were quite a few things I would change / that I didn't like. Only would recommend if I know someone was looking for something in that specific genre.


It was watchable but only just. There were a lot of things I would change. Probably not gonna recommend


I want my time back. It was a waste of time and brain cells.

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