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  • País: Thailand
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 13
  • Exibido: Ago 5, 2018 - Nov 4, 2018
  • Exibido em: Domingo
  • Original Network: LINE TV One 31
  • Duração: 55 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.5 (scored by 11,250 usuários)
  • Classificado: #453
  • Popularidade: #563
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Nov 5, 2018
13 of 13 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.5
História 10
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 9.0
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Thai Series became more diversified!

Well, 2018 is the year where Thai series became globalized. We have many Thai series on Netflix now and GMM, before better known for light hearted and cheesy romantic comedies, dared to make an audacious decision: invest in diversified genres and try to open up to the international community. The Gifted is the best example of the good results that they've got so far.

First of all, I have to congratulate the writters and the directors. The plot is smart, refreshing and stylish. The tensions and characters are slowly and progressively built, teasing the audience and making us keep watching. The season is divided in two parts. The first one introduces the characters and their habilities while the second portion focus on the secret of the school. Although I understand the reasons they did it, I felt that excepting Pang, Wave and Nantaan, the other characters almost devanished during the second part of the season. We know that all of them were there, but it seemed they became just secondary characters. Probably they were expecting to make another season and the development of those characters will happen on season two.
Speaking about the characters, I have to say that I loved them, specially Pang, Wave, Nantaan and Ohm. Pang is the classic good guy, the hero whose qualities include idealism, courage and morality; while Wave is the charming antihero who is lonely and seeks for friends. Albeit I loved both guys, I feel that they were more effective in creating Chimon's character. Wave's episode showed us his history before the school and made us sympathize with him. Knowing about what that teacher made to him in the past humanized him. Strangely, we don't have a single moment in this series where we can see Pang's life before or outside the school. Why is he so heroic? It is a mystery the show could unravel in the next season. Of course we know the school made Pang loses his best friend, which is a good reason to make him hate the school system, but it does not explain everything. Even before that, Pang was already idealistic and we don't know why. In order to humanize him a bit more, we should know about his past, his motivations, maybe the next season should explore his friendship with Nic when they were kids.

Some people even say that Wave and Pang could date. Well, I generally don't like when BL fans try to put BL plots in every Thai series. In this case, however, I would like to say that a relationship between them, although not a requisite, would be interesting. They made a really good team. During the first part of the season, I thought Pang, Ohm and Nantaam would emulate the classical Harry Potter-kind trio, where there is a male heroic protagonist, a smart girl and a playful boy (Yes, Pang as Harry, Nantaam as Hermione and Ohm as Rony). But after Pang and Wave made a deal, they became closer and I liked a lot their interactions. They could be a great couple if the story chooses a realistic approach instead of a cheesy romance. I would love to see WavePang and NantaamOhm becoming true, but I am OK if it does not happen. The story is good enough withou any romance.

Speaking about the acting, I liked everyone, but I have to say that the three best performances, in my opinion, goes to Bird Wanchana Sawasdee as the director; Katreeya English as professor Ladda; and Gun Atthaphan as Pun. They all made me deeply believe they were not characters, but real persons. Bird was able to be evil without stereotypes, specially when he was smiling. Khun Ladda, despite being a strict teacher, was charismatic in a strange way. I felt bad when she was fired like she was one of the good guys. Technically, she was not. But she was not evil too. Looking forward to see more about her in the future. I hope she will be back next season and we can see more about her past. Finally, Gun Attapphan deserved an oscar for his acting on episode 5.
About the potencials, although I realize that Ohm, Pang, Wave and Pun are the most "powerfull", Nantaam's potencial is my favorite. I am historian. The past is something alive for me. Having her potencial could make me discover so much things about the past. I could go to Egypt, touch the pyramids and discover how they were built! Can you imagine that? I could go to India, touch the Bodhi Tree and discover how Buddha's face looked like. Maybe go to Jerusalem and make the same thing with Jesus. I could discover who killed Kennedy! This would be fucking cool. I even have a heroine nickname for her: The Historian.

About the plot, I still wanna say that the school seems to me a metaphor of Thai society nowadays. The country is facing a military dictatorship for years and a small group of people rules all the nation from the top of the pyramid. For me, Pang is like the thai activists who wanna take down all the corrupted, unequal and authoritarian Thai political system and make everybody equal and free. Like the director, the Thai dictators persecute the ones who fight for justice. Chanon, the studends who got injured by the experiments and that girl who was killed by a gifted student; all of them represent many activists who have been jailed or killed by the Thai military. The school system separate students by their grades and force them to compete each other. The competition between the students is a strategy used by the system to distract them from fighting the unjustice. It is the same thing that happens in Thai society, where the struggle between Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts (if you don't know, google it) made the military dictatorship possible. At the end of the first season, we see that Pang left a video for their fellows, begging them to use their privileges to fight the system, not to collaborate with it. I see that video as a call for fighting against authoritarianism. It is a beautiful message of hope in a country needing it desperately.
There are more things I would like to say, but I think I have written too much. Thx for everyone who have read everything! See you next year!

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Nov 5, 2018
13 of 13 episódios vistos
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Let me begin that what I really like about this series is that it is fantasy, science fiction based story that didn't used Computer Generated Images or Computer graphics with blue/green screen behind. They utilizes editing, lighting and cinematography that can rival any sci-fi/fantasy series/movies out there. Even with a better with some movies/series in the same category.

What I also like about this is that the series was able to showcase a student's potential dedicating an episode for each, except of course ... I don't want to spoil, and culminates towards the end of the series. It gave depth and richness to each and every character.

The symbolism in each character's background and potential that you can relate to real life situation. Like Wave, being smart doesn't always make you to be on the top. One way or the other, you will need someone's help. Namtarn, no matter how hard to try to forget something in your past, there will still be a way to catch up with you in the present. Ohm, when the world seems to be against you, it doesn't hurt so smile and be happy. Punn, there's a demon in every one of us that we battle every day to keep it at bay and the strive to be the best in whatever field we want to. Claire, that we can not please everyone and people will drag you down on your way to the top. Korn, for some, it can be consider a gift but for others, a curse; and the risk of trusting someone too much that that person could actually hurt in you the most unimaginable ways. Mon, sacrifices are need to be made for other's sake.

It makes you wonder, given a potential, what are you going to do with it? Will you use it to better the system, the society? Or make use of it for your own gains and advantage. I will end this part for I will borrow Spiderman's line, "With great powers, come with great responsibility."

I will review them on how they progress/mature by giving what series I HAVE WATCHED before and how did they do in this series.

Sing (Ohm) - Love Sick, Slam Dance, My Dear Loser.
For me is the most versatile actor among the cast but under-rated. I saw him in Love Sick how he potrayed a confused boy, unsure of himself. In Slam Dance, he is more of a serious, headstorng character. In My Dear Loser, showed his jovial, goofy and happy-go-lucky side. In this series, he took his acting on a different and upgraded level in the episode where his potential was focused. Still the joyful, happy-go-lucky, serious, angry and cried. His character in this series is not stereotype of being goofy, which by the way I like about him, but showed a serious side too.

Fiat (Korn) - Slam Dance, SOTUS S.
It feels like that he is being stereotype as being a longer, anti-social character as evident in the previous 2 series that I watched and as well as in this. But no way that he is less effective in portraying that character.

Chimon (Wave) - My Dear Loser.
One of the versatile actor of the series. In My Dear Loser, he was able to show how docile, vulnerable and gentle he can be. But in this series, his played a character that is way different. A laser focused, goal-oriented and confident character. And given these two series, I am definitely looking forward as he renew his role as Sun.

Jane (Claire) - My Dear Loser.
As I watched My Dear Loser, right there and then I knew that I can see her in a queen bee role. Admire by many, envy by many too. And I was not disappointed with her acting in this series as it confirms my suspicion.

Plumek (Mon) - My Dear Loser, SOTUS.
In her role as Ainam in My Dear Loser and in SOTUS are can be easily forgotten, perhaps she was not given enough airtime to showcase her acting skill. What I like her about in this series is how she looks. A boyish type of girl especially in her action and looks. After all, given the club she is in, it is a must. She was able to give justice with her role.

Victor (Pom) - Water Boyy the series.
When he appeared in the very first episode, I was really surprised and made me excited. Comparing his role as Min in Water Boyy where his role appears to be just chasing after girls. He was able to showcase a more matured role and was able to live up to it. Guiding the Gifted students to be the best in what they can be.

Lilly (Namtarn) - None.
I haven't seen any series she appeared before so I can only based her acting in this series alone. She played the role of Namtarn pretty darn good. A nerd, weak girl that is loyal to her friends that is willing to do antying for them.

Nanon (Pang) - My Dear Loser.
In his role as the dorky Oh that has the potential to be cool, ravishing and handsome guy in My Dear Loser. I am not surprise that he was able to carry the lead of the series. Charming, adorable and serious type of role suits his face and acting too. And his cry is credible enough for me to believe that he is actually hurting. An acting that "acts" like a glue for the Gifted class and that of a true leader.

What I am really looking for acting is not just how they deliver their own lines, but with the corresponding facial expression that gives you what their are really feeling that time. And every one of the cast was able to send those emotions across.

Lastly, all of them brought their acting skill in a new, higher and better level.

The opening score will definitely set your mood into something that you need to focus on. Every detail, every line they speak. I get this vibe that this is about mystery and not so much of suspense. The sound effects too is spot on, especially when Wave is using his potential.

Unfortunately, once you gone through the series, from start to finish, there is really little need to rewatch it, not unless you know that there will be a season 2 for this. Since by the end, you know all of the gifted's potential, and you can already anticipate the "surprise".

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  • Drama: Os Superdotados
  • País: Tailândia
  • Episódios: 13
  • Exibido: Ago 5, 2018 - Nov 4, 2018
  • Exibido On: Domingo
  • Original Network: LINE TV, One 31
  • Duração: 55 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 13+ - 13 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 8.5 (avaliado por 11,250 usuários)
  • Classificado: #453
  • Popularidade: #563
  • Fãs: 26,318

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