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Not your Typical Mystery Crime Thriller

If you're going into this series expecting a crime mystery thriller, PAUSE! This is not for you then. Even though the plot centers around a murder and the events that follow it, it does not focus on the murder part much. Rather the entire story revolves around an ordinary college student, Kim Hyunsoo who got wrapped up in a murder case and due to the deeply flawed legal justice system he was thereby incriminated.

"One Ordinary Day" is a remake of the British Show "Criminal Justice" and it also had a American remake "The Night Of" and even an Indian remake with the same name. The plot isn't something unique. It's been done before and being the previous versions being critically acclaimed it had big shoes to fill. What carries One Ordinary Day isn't the plot itself but the acting from all of the cast.

There are a lot of grim and dark scenes which is absolutely gruesome to watch and should be watched with discretion. But the pain that Kim Hyunsoo (played by Kim Soohyun, yes I get the names similarity) felt was echoed so beautifully so even a whimper made by him sent chills. Shin Joonghan (played by Cha Seungwon) had a very disheveled appearance but his pointed dialogue delivery along with his excellent comic timing gave the viewers a breather from what would be hour long episodes of continuous sadness and anxiety. For me, the scene stealer of the show was Do Jitae (played by Kim Sungkyu), his menacing and commanding aura grabbed attention and made you focus only on him.

The pros and cons of the plot: Judging by the fact that it is a remake I could easily make out how the plot would go so no surprise there! Even though they changed some parts to fit it into the Korean setting the basic elements from the original version was still there. Some of the dialogues made by the prosecution in its defense for prosecuting Hyunsoo felt a bit unrealistic but the cast delivers it with such heated passion you'll not feel it at all. The lawyer, Shin Joonghan suffers from atropic dermatitis which is basically a skin condition and it mostly had effects on his feet. So, I did not enjoy the feet focus at all. All the concentration on his feet made me believe that he'll miraculously be cured but nothing came out of it.

To end my review: I'll say that One Ordinary day isn't everyone's cup of tea. Please look up trigger warnings for the show. It isnt for the lighthearted AT ALL. As someone who mostly consumes media as a form of escapism I wouldn't put One Ordinary Day on my list if you're looking for a fun weekend binge. If anything it reminds you how dark and scary the world is and how one bad decision can make you a target of the powerful here the prosecution and the police.

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The Moment of Meeting Again
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Fev 23, 2022
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Zhang Wansen *holds gently*

Looking at the poster I thought it would be a cute youth drama. A bit formulaic with the time travel element punched in but oh boy this was NO ordinary youth drama. Nothing could have prepared me for the rollercoaster of emotions I felt while watching this.

Lin Beixing an 30 yo who seems to be leading a very ordinary life gets her entire world turned upside down when her fiancee breaks up with her just before the wedding. Unable to let go of her past and regretting over the time spent with him she starts slowly erasing him from her life. Thus, begins her travel to the past. But is it really her past? Whatever happens in the past would have influenced the present right......but it seems like she is sent to a different time parallel altogether which doesnt affect the present in any manner whatsoever.

In the past, she comes across Zhang Wansen a timid shy naive teenager who turns out be like her guardian angel of sorts. Things she did not know, difficulties which she could have faced were all resolved by Zhang Wansen.

Zhang Wansen, played by Shaw Qu, is such a well written but difficult character I was honestly impressed by his acting, There's a fine line between being innocent and naive and being foolish. Shaw Qu got the mannerisms down to the T. His style of speaking, his timid way of walking yet feeling protective over Lin Beixing it was just pure perfection.

Karlina Zhang also did a fantastic job. She portrayed the maturity of a 30 yo flawlessly and carelessly blended into being a teenager too. At times you'll feel that this isnt a 30 yo at all but just a normal teenager who is about to go through many trivialities of life. But at times she evoked the poise calmness and confidence as was expected from a woman. Dressed like a teenager but mind wiser beyond years.

The plot isnt something completely unique we've seen a fair share of time warps, time loops and time travel in various forms of media. The commanding storytelling pulls the viewers completely in. The OST is so beautifully crafted and magically lures the viewers into this fantasy world created.

*Spoilers about ending*

I know people were unhappy about the ending but I think its rather beautiful. Lin Beixing participates in the Animal Rescue team and becomes a Veterenary without borders. I think her becoming what Zhang Wansen's aim was is a homage to him. Zhang Wansen as a kid had told her his dream and she had encouraged him. Now that Zhang Wansen didnt possibly exist in the same time and space she wants to remember him by his dream instead. Zhang Wansen who had always wanted to be a Veterenary without borders but chose to delay his leaving for it for her.

Zhang Wansen always chose her above everything and as the saying goes Zhang Wansen may be timid but his love is not. His love deserves to be known by the entire wide world.

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