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Colum H

UK - Yorkshire Free State

Colum H

UK - Yorkshire Free State
Secret Mother korean drama review
Secret Mother
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by Colum H
Dez 6, 2020
32 of 32 episódios vistos
No geral 7.0
História 7.0
Atuação/Elenco 8.5
Musical 7.0
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A Serviceable Thriller

I've skipped past this many times thinking the synopsis sounded unappealing, rich mommies mentally abusing their children - no thanks.
Yet in reality this is a perfectly serviceable Kdrama Thriller suffering from all the usual problems but with some great performances and a compelling enough story.

The story whilst interesting and (at least in the beginning) a little difficult to predict soon settles into something a bit more predictable. Fortunately the trip to the eventual dénouement has a plethora of twists and turns to keep you interested.
As usual for Kdrama thrillers the need to spin things out throws up situations where logic, police procedure, common sense and occasionally the space time continuum go out of the window. I never found it to be immersion breaking though and was dragged along with little effort.
The side characters stories I found to be less compelling at least after the first few episodes. The mystery vanished leaving fairly pedestrian relationship plots behind. Nothing you haven't seen before in some form or another though it was nice to see how supportive all of them turned out to be.

Acting: Some fine performances from Song Yoon Ah and Kim Tae Woo made up for a slightly less accomplished one from Kim So Yeon. Song Jae Rim I found disappointing. Everyone else did a good job with the parts they were given with a special mention for Kim Ye Joon.

Music: I actually enjoyed the music in this and whilst it was overplayed I never really tired of it.

Rewatch: Probably not at least not until I have forgotten all the twists.

TLDR: An enjoyable thriller with enough to lift it above the norm without it being a classic.
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