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Colum H

UK - Yorkshire Free State

Colum H

UK - Yorkshire Free State

So this middle aged Englishman accidently fell down the East Asian Drama rabbit hole and still hasn't managed to find his way out. I have two daughters - a teen and a preteen (now two teens) and have introduced them (selectively) to the addiction.

I have quite specific tastes and am quite happy to drop dramas that don't meet them at any point. You'll see plenty of dropped shows on my list.

When looking at the reviews for a show I tend to ignore all the 10s and look at the worst ones, which is why you are more likely to find me warning you off when I do reviews.

I'm a big fan of Georgette Haier's Regency Romances and that's the feeling I look for in a Drama Romance.

On the off chance you got this far - I'm slightly grumpy but willing to take another look at most shows and always ready listen to recommendations (I loathe Vampire and Serial Killers though so they'd be a hard sell). 


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