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2023 Watchlist
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Im waiting for this
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Some of GDH Nadao Watchlist

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BL Watchlist

Mixxed list of my favorite bls. Rated based score. The guide of the ratings:80.0 - 10.0 : I liked it75.0 - 60.0 - clichè blsunder 60.0 - i…

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Asian TV Shows

I have lots of tv shows that MyDramaList didn't have such as : 1. Masquerade aka. Kasou Taishou (Japan, 1979)2. TV Champion (Japan, 1992-2008)3.…

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2020 Watchlist
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Heartwarming Stories
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Strong Bromance
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Cornchips Favorite Actors

In my criteria i like actor who can send the emotion to me, so i can feel that his character real and around me.

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Favorite BL Actors
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Martial Arts

I want to add The Raid but why drama list only can put Thai, Phillipina, Korean and Japan? Pffft...Here i give you other recommendation if you…

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Favorite BL

Including series and movies. But these are only temporarily, gonna update soon after i watch all of the Yaoi over asia >.<(My personal…

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List of K-dramas

List not based on my favorite or best ones. List based of which coming to my mind first. As i said in my describing-self section, i'm a veteron…

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Asian films/movies
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Asian Dramas That I Know (Ex: K-dramas)

List of Asian Dramas that I know (Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese).

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Classic K-drama Worth to Watch / Rekomendasi K-drama Lawas

As an K-drama viewer veteran i give you some recommendation dramas 2000-2010.

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