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In my criteria i like actor who can send the emotion to me, so i can feel that his character real and around me.

Cornchips Mar 29, 2019
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  • Joo Ji Hoon


    Prince Shin >.< He stole my heart from Princess Hours aka Gong Kdrama. Now he played as a Prince in Kingdom Netflix series

  • Ethan Juan


    I liked him from Fatted to Love You era

  • Kim Soo Hyun


    Liked him when he played as a Sam Dong in Dream High, he can do dancing, singing and acting. Just wow! and he also played well as an alien in Who You Came From The Star

  • Johnny Huang


    All i know he is a Gu Hai! He is very well suited with that character. If you watch MV Walk Slowly By: Timmy Xu, he didn't have script (only tinny script) but his expression, gesture damn conveyed very well.

  • Satoh Takeru


    Yaaa legendary Kenshin! I love his acting from Ruroni Kenshin

  • Jet Li


    I don't really into him so much. But, when his film is played on tv, i definitely will watched it. I love his old movies with lot of martial arts (Kung-fu) action.

  • Iko Uwais


    If you have watched The Raid 2, you gonna like his martial arts (Pencak Silat), he is very pro!

  • So Ji Sub


    Remember MISA? (Mianhae, Saranghae) aka I'm Sorry, I Love You? His acting was good, can send emotion to the viewer. I'm crying throughout the story. 

  • Mario Maurer


    I've been watching 2 of many his films. Love of Siam and Pee Mak, but the most i love is Pee Mak! He acted very well, maybe he is more suitable for romantic comedy films (?)

  • Oguri Shun


    Who doesn't know about him? This is SHUN OGURI! Man... I only watched 2 of his many films and series. Hana Yori Dango and Crows Zero. But the most i love is him in the Crows Zero, he's so cool as a gangsta skul gang XP

  • Choi Tae Joon


    I'm his a new fan, tbh. He ever appeared in Running Man once, but i have zero attention to him. But, when i watched eclipse aka cutter there's a scene in the bus (if i'm not wrong) that made me shout "Man, his acting is great!"

  • Stephen Chow


    Are we really forget about him? NO!!! STEPHEN CHOW man. Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer. Damn good!

  • Andy Lau


    Can i have a favorite actor without reason? No u can not. Because, it seems not fair to Hyun Bin, Won Bin and Rain whom i didn't include in the list. Okay. *Deep sigh* The reason is when i was a child around 5-7 years old, when everyone asking me who is your favorite actor i said "Andy Lau" without knowing who he is, i think my mom who taught me to answer Andy. And i just found out not minute ago that he played as a Yoko in Return of Condor Heroes. Damn It is my favorite Kung-fu series XD. I'm a girl whom into him (Yoko) so damn much, i even made a roll band on my left hand LOL

  • Yoo Ah In


    He acted in Antique Bakery but damn i forgot about the story, sorry. Okay we are talking about Ah In. I remember i watch Sungkyukwan Scandal in 2010, i have second lead syndrome, he stole my attention in that series. And last i watched The Throne he played role together with Moon Geun Young, damn he was so good, pratically he send the emotion very well as a crown prince who against his father. I think he very well suited with rebbel character

  • Kim Woo Bin


    Another second lead syndrom in the heirs! I love his acting in that series, he is very suitable for bad boy character. And i've watched his acting in Twenty, it is ordinary, tbh.