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Actor Yoo Jae Myung's sixth upcoming K-drama will be with Kim Soo Hyun.

On May 1, media outlet MK Sports shared an exclusive report revealing that actor Yoo Jae Myung is the next artist confirmed to join the upcoming Disney+ original K-drama Knock Off

Knock Off will be Yoo Jae Myung's third Disney+ K-drama since his debut. He was also part of the Disney+ original series Grid and the upcoming K-drama Uncle Samsik

Yoo Jae Myung is booked and busy with various K-dramas and films. The actor will star in the upcoming K-dramas No Way Out, The Good Man, Uncle Samsik, Love Me, and Country and Nation. He will also join the cast of the upcoming movies Finding the King, Portrait of a Family, CSAT: Secret of Exam Questions, The Land of Happiness, Harbin, and Season of You and Me.

The brilliant actor is known for being part of the hit K-dramas such as Vincenzo, Itaewon Class, Prison Playbook, Stranger, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Reply 1988, and more.

Knock Off is a black comedy K-drama that will be helmed by director Park Hyun Suk who also created the hit K-dramas Uncontrollably Fond and Stranger Season 2. Writer Han Jung Hoon will pen the script. The K-drama will be produced by SLL and Arc Media. 

This will be the reunion of Yoo Jae Myung and director Park Hyun Suk. The two have worked together in the K-dramas Song of the Bandits and Hometown

Kim Soo Hyun first received the offer to lead the upcoming K-drama. The top actor is positively considering the offer. 

Meanwhile, Knock Off will exclusively premiere on Disney+. There is no official confirmation yet on the filming schedule and release date of the much-anticipated K-drama.


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