de lo_ve, Abril 15, 2021

Upcoming drama "Dear.M" starring Park Hye Soo and NCT's Jeong Jae Hyun might finally have its broadcast date. 

According to media outlet Star News on April 15, KBS2TV is reportedly planning to air "Dear.M" this coming August. The drama is written by Lee Seul and directed by Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan. It is produced by Monster Union and Playlist. 

KBS responded to the reports and stated, "We are planning to air 'Dear.M' right after the drama 'Imitation'. But nothing has been confirmed yet". They also stated that as the main lead's school bullying allegations are still not settled, they will give a conclusive broadcast date depending on how that plays out. 

"Dear.M" was originally planned to air in February but due to Park Hye Soo's controversy, the drama's broadcast was postponed indefinitely. There are also petitions circulating online asking Park Hye Soo to step down from the drama.

Park Hye Soo was embroiled in a scandal over allegations that she bullied and acted violently towards others students when in school. Her agency has denied all the allegations and have announced that they will be taking legal action against anyone slandering their artist.

Due to the postponement of "Dear.M", "Imitation" will air ahead of its original scheduled broadcast. The drama is set to end around August.

"Dear.M" includes casts such as Park Hye Soo, NCT's Jeong Jae Hyun, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyun Sung, UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk, Woo Da Vi, and more.

The upcoming drama has already completed filming. It will be about an anonymous post that is made on Seoyeon University’s online community from the user "M". Park Hye Soo plays as Ma Joo Ah, a cheerful business administration major who has no experience in romantic relationships. Meanwhile, NCT's Jeong Jae Hyun will play as Cha Min Ho, a smart computer-engineering student. He is also the childhood bestfriend of Park Hye Soo's character, Ma Joo Ah.