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Ready to dive into a world with an unknown significant other? Then come in and take a look at the potential candidates. This is your chance to go on a blind date with a drama.

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The Idea:

This article was inspired by dating games that are based on pictures/doors that a user has to choose. In those games there is either a person or an action (when it's a story type of dating game) behind each picture/door. 

The dramas are sorted into hidden categories and you’ll get a rough description of the setting/theme. Photos are random and only give a slight idea of the theme. They might be misleading though if you try to interpret, so it's better not think too much about it and just go with the one you feel drawn to. 

This article is solely for fun. I tried my best finding matches, but as this is my first time playing cupid, you should be aware that your date might turn out to be a hit or miss. Sorry about that! ;) There’s no success or liking guarantee (just like in real life xD) and it can happen that your date is someone you already know. Feel free to go on another date any time though. 

I checked if the dating partners offer English language for better understanding (English subs). 

Despite the dating background, the dramas do not have to include any romance. This can be your chance to gather new experience, though, and walk a different route, so I hope you give it a try. 

If you only watch dramas from a particular country, look at the spoiler on Step 3 of the “How it works” guide. If you don’t care, do NOT click/move your cursor over the spoiler to keep it disguised. For the best surprise experience, I encourage you to not look at the spoiler.

How it works:

Step 1: First read the description of the dates 1-10.
Step 2: Go to the date description that interests you the most.
Step 3: Look at the pictures under the date, choose the one you like best and click on it, it will lead you right to your drama date.
SPOILER:  (In each date the top row (left to right) = South Korea, middle row = China, last row = Japan)
Step 4: Enjoy your date.

Dating Rules:

  1. Do not cheat by clicking randomly on the photos. This will only ruin the fun for yourself as it takes away the surprise. 
  2. You get multiple possible dating partners, so each match has 8 alternatives.
  3. It’s recommended to only pick one date at a time.
  4. If a date is not to your liking you may leave it anytime and come back to choose another one.
  5. If you come back here after a date, feel free to comment or leave feedback about your date, but please avoid spoilers about the drama and things like “the photo with the monkey leads to the drama Monkey Island”.
  6. You won’t find a drama with the title Monkey Island nor a photo with a monkey here so don’t look for it. xD

Ready? Then let me introduce your first potential dating partner.  

Date 1:

This date is like a flower that blooms for the very first time. It’s soft and delicate, while carrying the hopeful promise of following encounters in the future.

Date 2:

With this date, you're in for a fantastic setting, a prince charming waits for you to show you his world.

Date 3:

You're more the adventurous type? No problem. There's an explorer waiting for you to solve riddles and escape dangers together with you.

Date 4:

This drama is strange and makes your nerves tingle. Is your date really what it pretends to be? If you’re brave enough, go for it.

Date 5:

This date is perfect for the active ones. What else is more exciting than a match?

Date 6:

When going on a date, you already draw out the future in your mind, how would life be with this partner? If you’re ready to take a peak, choose this date.

Date 7:

Going on a date is supposed to be fun and you look for someone who shares the same humor? Choosing this date will give you lots of laughter.

Date 8:

You’re done with fluffy, honey-sweet stuff? How about a more dramatic approach then? If that sounds good to you, choose this date.

Date 9:

This date is for all those who are fascinated by ancient times. If you want to look, go for this date.

Date 10:

This date brings you to an alternate world where rules of reality do not apply. Like in a fairy tale, anything can happen.

You reached the end of the article. I hope you liked it and found a nice date. 

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Thank you editors for your hard work, once again JojoOnDatBeat who encouraged me to work on this idea and had valuable advice; and you, dear readers, who looked forward to my next article (one especially who kept asking for it and with that encouraged me to not give up on it, thank you, Cho Na). Sorry that I had kept you all waiting for so long. I'll try to have my next one up sooner. xD

Edited by: Tine (1st editor), devitto (2nd editor)

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