de Lily Alice, Maio 5, 2024

Ma Dong Seok's actioner The Roundup: Punishment has set the domestic box office on fire. The latest installment of The Roundup movie series has attracted 7 million moviegoers in just 11 days since its release.

According to the Korean Film Council's integrated computer network for theater tickets, The Roundup: Punishment received 689,909 moviegoers on May 3, bringing the total number of moviegoers to 7,111,379.

The Roundup: Punishment exceeded 1 million on the 2nd day of release, 3 million on the 4th day, 4 million on the 5th day, 6 million on the 9th day, and 7 million on the 11th day. 

It reached the 7 million mark three days faster than The Roundup did (on its 14th day of release), the highest-grossing film in The Roundup series so far, and five days faster than Exhuma did (on its 16th day of release).

At its current pace, it is expected to smoothly reach the 10 million mark.

The Roundup: Punishment follows the story of detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee), who fights against Baek Chang Ki (Kim Mu Yeol), a former mercenary leading a large-scale illegal online gambling organization, and IT genius Jang Dong Cheol (Lee Dong Hwi).

The Roundup series attracted 6.88 million viewers for the first installment, 12.69 million for the second, and 10.68 million for the third.