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Hello everyone! I have arrived once again with another "Soju's Lakorn Recommendations by Tag" article, and this time, we will be focusing on the tag "Slap Kiss".

"Slap Kiss", if you might not know, is a sub-genre within Thai entertainment where there's a very affirmed formation of patriarchy, physical forcefulness exerted by the male leads, lots of angst, and so on. 

"Slap Kiss" dramas often contain a revenge plot where the ML and the FL do not like each other, the ML has some sort of misunderstanding towards the FL, or they are forcefully tied to each other by marriage/loan.

To be a viewer of this niche theme, you have to enjoy watching the chaos. Which is not for everyone.

Also, not every title within this article is going to be for you. But the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so I hope you all find something good to watch!

I have also created a very original rating system[1] for the Slap-Kiss genre.

Extra HotRape + Cheating / Death
HotRape / Beating / Cheating
MediumMan-handling / Dub-con
MildAngry kiss / Jealousy 2
Lemon & HerbsThere is none. I'm sorry. 

Within this article, I am going to share with you "Slap Kiss" lakorns that I have either watched and enjoyed, plan to watch, or know are popular in the Slap-Kiss viewing community.  

The article is going to be quite lengthy so I do hope you have your tea ready!

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr 50min
MDL Rating: 8.4 
Jeerawat (Yaya) is a hardworking model and actress. But she is not without her troubles as her mother is married to a slimy man who lusts after her.

One day, her step-father attempts to drug and rape her. However, Jeerawat manages to escape but ended up hitting and killing a young woman.

After her death, her fiancé, Sahit (Mark), vows to avenge her death and thus begins to stalk and torture Jeerawat to get revenge.

⇢ Sexual abuse
⇢ Misunderstandings. Lots of them. 

⇢ Horrible ML (in the beginning)
⇢ Much Angst. ⇢ Well received in the Slap-Kiss community
⇢ 95 % of viewers have given it a rating of 8+ 

⇢ Female lead stands up for herself
⇢ Happy Ending 

Episodes: 15
Duration: 2hr. 0min
MDL Rating: 7.2 
My Rating: 7.5

Upon returning from overseas, Pope (Andrew) finds out that his father (Pu) is getting married to a much younger woman called Pim (Oom). He is furious and plans on abducting the young woman on the day of the wedding. Somehow, he ends up abducting Pat (Janie), who is the younger sister of Pim. And so chaos ensues. 

⇢ R*pe
⇢ Kidnapping

⇢ Annoying Female lead

⇢ Andrew is great
⇢ An interesting plot premise
⇢ An airport climax keke

⇢ I don't know if a HE is a good thing here. (个_个)

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.5

A promise of marriage made by two families led the adopted daughter of the Wichanee family, Rojanasnai (Namtarn) into agreeing to an arranged marriage with the only son of the Pathamakul family, Paat (Ken), when her elder sister Romereuthai (Saiparn) who was the truthful bride, refused to marry a country bumpkin.     Unfortunately, Paat knew that Rojanasnai was not his intended bride, and also that she already had a boyfriend  (Ta). 
⇢ Namtarn! Yes, I am a fangirl. (*¯ ³¯*)♡
⇢ The chemistry
⇢ The skeleton of the plot is interesting. 
⇢ Ken is a treat to look at. 
⇢ Good chemistry between main leads
⇢ The OST 
⇢ Abusive ML
⇢ A stupid sister who wants everything the FL has

⇢ Much angst
⇢ Loads of villains
⇢ Read the lyrics of the OST
⇢ Exactly

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.8

Praomook (Bua) works at a nightclub as a DJ to pay her dad's debt. She doesn't get along with Chalunthorn (Pon) because he misunderstood her earlier, thinking she's promiscuous. One day, his parents ask Praomook to marry Chalunthorn to remove the bad luck from him as she used to in the past. He pretends to be gay with his best friend Marut (Krating) to avoid her but she doesn't believe it — aiming to seduce him into falling for her and then breaking his heart. Just like he once did. 
⇢  A promising plot.
⇢  Bua and Pon have amazing chemistry
⇢  Krating is here. That's the only reason I need it. 
⇢  Modern mindset. Female chases Male first. 
⇢ Slap Kiss  — Mild.
⇢ Bad plot execution. 

⇢ Extremely slow burn. There is no progress. 
⇢ I ship Bua with Krating more. I'm sorry. 

Episodes: 13
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.5

My Rating: 8

Chanika (Chippy) returns home from abroad because her father is in the hospital.  Upon returning home, she learns that her father is in huge debt and they need money to cover the medical expenses.  Her college roommate introduces her to a high-paying job out in the suburbs. There she meets Chinapat (Great), the owner of a rubber tree plantation, a man with volatile anger, and as rumour have it — a criminal past.
⇢ Entertaining | Bingeable
⇢ ML is likable | No rape
⇢ Joob na Chhop (Trust me. It's iconic)
⇢  It basically says "If you slap me, I'll kiss you."
⇢ Annoying FL

⇢ Annoying side female character
⇢ Too much-unneeded groveling from ML
⇢ No real kisses. Just camera play. 

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.6

My Rating: 7

Sayumphu (Weir) is a CEO who comes from a gangster background but wants to turn away from his past and rebuild his life. 

He meets and falls in love with Kwang (Preaw), an innocent student, but they are separated due to many misunderstandings. 

Eventually, the two marry. However, the misunderstandings remain. 
⇢ I don't particularly remember anything great tbh. 
⇢ Nice OST
⇢ An entertaining plot if you enjoy chaos. 
I think I enjoyed this drama because it one of my first Thai lakorns. Now, I would probably drop this. 
⇢ ML has a mistress, even after marriage.

⇢ ML and FL's father need to do better. 
⇢ SO MUCH face slapping going on. 
⇢  Man-handling. 
⇢  A happy ending. 

Episodes: 34
Duration: 1hr. 10min
MDL Rating: 7.5

A news reporter, Nit (Pinkploy), follows a businessman (Dilok) and his son Pawee (Vasin) into a Psych ward where she discovers that Pawee's mother — who was announced to be dead — is actually alive but has gone crazy due to her cheating husband. 

Nit's mother, who is a nun, often goes to the Psych ward and talks to Pawee's mother (Savitree). Over time the two ladies form a bond.

Days pass and eventually Pawee's mother is allowed to return home. Upon meeting Pawee's girlfriend, Pen (Kana), she immediately forms a dislike to the girl and forces her son to marry Nit. 

Ah... and so the colourful days begin. (⊙_⊙)

⇢ 34 episodes and 1 hour 10 minutes each. Lord. 

Episodes: 18
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.5

Bow (Now) returns to Thailand after she learns that her boyfriend, Pong (Takphet), has cheated on her and has impregnated Vithinee (Ploy) who he is now going to marry. Vithinee is the sickly, younger sister of the vineyard owning male lead, Tos (Porche). The protective older brother — unwilling to let Bow ruin his sister's happiness — ends up using this opportunity to tie Bow to himself. 
 I have not watched this. So I am giving advice based on viewers' reviews and comments.

Everyone failed the FL.

⇢ FL's dad is a joke. 
⇢ Everyone plays the victim card. FL is the real victim.
⇢ Angst. Much angst. 
⇢ Unfortunately, there is a HE (happy ending). 
⇢ Great OST by Porsche. 
⇢ Chemistry of Now and Porsche is amazing. 

Episodes: 18
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 8.1

My Rating: 9

A bandit, a heavenly flower, a once-in-a-lifetime love. 

The sweetest moment that came into his life is her. However,  he is a bandit, and she is a duchess — engaged to his arch-enemy the sheriff. 

Is the love story between the bandit of Praiwaree and the heavenly flower really going to end like this?

⇢ Mookda and Michael's chemistry is just oof
⇢ The OST is great
⇢ Much natural skinship
⇢ A  happy ending
⇢ The FL lead fights evil back. Love that! 
⇢ Usage of black magic was very interesting. 
⇢ Slap-Kiss — mild.
⇢ It can feel a little dragged on. 
⇢ I think the bad guys hit the FL lead
⇢ There's a ghost in one scene.
⇢ Maybe I should put that in "The Good"
⇢ That's it, nothing else to worry about. 

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 6.8
Kim (Michael) and Mook (Pooklook) were about to get married, however, disaster struck when Kim's sister was found dead and Mook's brother Tada was taken in for killing her. However, in court, the judge ruled the case as an accident. 

Kim was furious that his sister's killer walked free, and so began his twisted journey to get revenge for his sister. 

⇢ Much angst. 
⇢ Very entertaining if you dig spice level 100
⇢ Not a sweet romance. It's dark. 
⇢ All characters are flawed
⇢ Crazy second FL
⇢ ML sleeps with almost all female characters

Episodes: 18
Duration: 1hr. 25min
MDL Rating: 7.4
Harit Rangsiman (Aum), a pearl farm owner in the south of Thailand is very angry and vengeful after Harin (Anantaya), his only younger brother, commits suicide because of a woman who's named Sansanee (Joy) who breaks up with him. Harit wants to take revenge for his brother's death so he kidnaps who he thinks is Sansanee to torture her. However, he doesn't know that the girl that he kidnaps is Soraya (Aff), Sansanee's cousin.
⇢ Rape
⇢ Abuse
⇢ Kidnapping
⇢ Rape was actually not in the original book.
⇢ Stockholm syndrome. There I said it. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
⇢ The crazy fiery female lead
⇢ Good OST
⇢ Great chemistry between Aff + Aum
⇢ Happy ending. 

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.9
My Rating: 7 
Maysarin (Pooklook) is a famous socialite who's engaged to Sarut (Bom), but he left her on the day of the wedding. Kadethaen (Mik) is a real estate businessman who's waiting for Pinmanee (Toon), his bride at the reception of a luxury hotel, but he saw her escape the wedding with another man. Somehow the two abandoned individuals find themselves together that night and by the morning they are married. 

⇢  The FL is extremely annoying. 
⇢ I dropped this drama.
⇢ Kinda boring. 

⇢ The ML is amazing
⇢ Much skinship
⇢ Happy ending

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.9
My Rating: 8
Sattawat (James Ma) is a doctor whose mother has a gambling addiction, and Anusaniya's (Kimberley) family owns a wealthy company. Sattawat's mother owes a lot of money to Anusaniya's company and to erase the debt, Sattawat's mother and Anusaniya's aunt cook up a plan to marry Sattawat and Anusaniya to each other to get rid of the debt.

⇢ Very mild slap-kiss in terms of violence
⇢ Annoying FL
⇢ ML is more relatable and likable 
⇢ FL leaves her 2 Harvard degrees for ML
⇢ SML is the FL's uncle. Kinda freaky
⇢ SFL is one of the craziest I've seen
⇢ Very binge-able. I didn't sleep for this. 

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.2
Patawee’s (Tui) and Chitchaba’s (Kwan) fathers had built a successful business together. Unfortunately, Patawe committed suicide after Chitchaba’s father had cheated him and the family sank into poverty. 

Years later, Patawee returned to Thailand as a multi-millionaire businessman to take revenge for his father, and Chitchaba was forced to become his mistress for a year in exchange for her father’s mansion, the last piece of her family fortune.
⇢  Good chemistry between leads
⇢ FL is fiesty 
⇢ Happy ending

⇢ Rape
⇢ ML is a psycho
⇢ Ping-pong ML (Has a fiancee)
⇢ FL gets pregnant... then miscarries

Episodes: 22
Duration: 49min
MDL Rating: 7.4
Pichet (Oliver) is married to Waree (Nook) and has a son, Kawin (Joss). Sirin manages Pichet's "Dubai club". Pichet adores and trusts Sirin (Krissie) so much that Waree thinks she's Pichet's mistress. Eventually, the paranoia builds and one day, Waree is found dead, and Sirin is nowhere to be found.

Years later, Nabi (Fah), Sirin's sister, views Pitchet as her benefactor, and when his son returns from overseas, she agrees to be his assistant.

However, Kawin somehow assumes that his father and Nabi are romantically involved.  

And then there is also the fact that he is desperately seeking the truth about his mother's death. 

Slap-Kiss — Mild
⇢ Crazy female characters 
⇢ Lackluster romance

⇢ Too many filler episodes. 
⇢  Good script
⇢ Good production budget. 
⇢ Happy Ending
⇢ The whole cast is eye-candy. 

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 46min
MDL Rating: 6.9
My Rating: 7.5
Natrai (Aum), the owner of a big logging business, disguises himself as a manager, Nantrai, when he goes to the forest to check up on his employees.
There, under his disguise, he falls in love at first sight with Nuea Nang (Bella), the very beautiful granddaughter of the village elder.
Fallen completely in love, Natrai does everything he can to win the beautiful girl’s heart. In the meantime, his tyrant mother is all set to marry him to Kairkai (Bow), a greedy hi-so woman adamant about marrying Natrai. 
⇢ Interesting plot. Kept me interested till the end 
⇢ Great chemistry between Aum and Bella
⇢ Good ending for both main lead and support lead
⇢ Nice scenic views
⇢ ML actually marries another woman lmao
⇢ Long separations
⇢ Frustrating female characters
⇢ Forceful revenge kisses in the second arc I guess. 

Episodes: 18
Duration: 1hr. 0min
MDL Rating: 7.4
Kongpop's (Tik) dad and Namnueng's (Aom) dad used to be good friends and business partners. However, Kongpop's dad betrayed his own friend.

20 years later, on his deathbed, Kongpop's dad felt sorry for what he did to Namnueng's dad so he wrote the will to give around 500 million baht to Namnueng.

Upon his dad's death, Kongpop returned from the US and found out that his father had given a stranger 500 million baht. To him this was unacceptable.

Thus, in an attempt to obtain what is rightfully his — Kongpop listens to his lawyer friend and sets forth to make Namneung fall in love with him. He would then marry her, and make her sign all the money back to him.
⇢ Don't use logic. 
⇢ In fact, don't use that with any drama mentioned.
⇢ Rape
⇢ Kidnapping
⇢ Abuse
⇢ Manipulative Ping-pong ML
⇢ Naive FL
⇢ Still entertaining
⇢ Rushed "happy" ending 

Episodes: 12
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.8

My Rating: 7.5

Kate's (Esther) father stole money from Sake's (Sean) company and when Sake finds out he starts looking for Kate's father. (Tom) However, Kate's father runs away.  When they find him he has to go to the hospital because of a heart condition. There, he decides to sell Kate to Sake to pay off his debts and because he knew Sake's family wanted an heir and would take care of Kate. Sake gradually begins to fall in love with Kate.  Meanwhile, Sake's ex-wife Itsala (Pitchaya) doesn't believe Sake has moved on to Kate and continuously chases after him.
⇢ Sexual assault (Not rape)
⇢ Lots of yelling and man-handling
⇢ No SLS. He's finicky and falls for the ML's sister.
⇢ Trash parents for FL.
⇢ Who sells their daughter in the 21st century?...
⇢ ...hmm... never mind, forget I asked that. 
⇢ It's very eventful. Keeps your interest. 
⇢ Great acting.
⇢ Good chemistry between leads.

Episodes: 14
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.9
Yada's (Nune) father frames Chakrit's (Ken) father for murder and has him arrested. Years later, Chakrit wants revenge on Yada's family. He starts by seducing Yada's sister, then abandoning her on their wedding day, embarrassing her and the family in front of guests. Yada is very angry at the man who hurt her family and wants revenge. Yada and Chakrit fight each other on their families' behalf, both of them seeing through the other person's tricks.   The siblings soon join in, leading to a huge fiasco of revenge, often backfiring on the perpetrators.
⇢ ML is smart and calm
⇢ FL is fiery and just
⇢ Fake kisses
⇢ The old version of this drama's FL is Ken's wife.
⇢ She is also the producer of this 2017 version. 
⇢ Great chemistry
⇢ Very interesting and binge-able
⇢ 82% of the viewers rated this above 8 
⇢ The average review rating is 9 

Episodes: 21
Duration: 1hr. 55min
MDL Rating: 7.7
Saichon (Nadech) is an islander living on Min island. One day, destiny leads him to find Fahlada, a 17 years old girl (Yaya) lying unconscious on the beach. When she wakes up, he realizes that she lost all her memories. Saichon takes care of her and names her Nang Fah (angel) because he doesn't know her real name and she doesn't remember it.

They fall in love with each other and live together. One day, Chompooprae (Mint), Fahlada's adopted sister saw her sister's picture in the tourist magazine, so she sends people to take Fahlada back for her personal gain.

Upon her return, Nang Fah is put through shock therapy which brings back her old memories but makes her lose the ones she made on the island.

The devastated Saichon goes to Bangkok to find his lover. However, upon arrival, his Nang Fah doesn't recognize him at all. 
⇢ Rape
Thailand's super Koojin couple 
⇢ Happy ending

⇢ Great chemistry of course
⇢ ML turns into a crazy man
⇢ Manhandling
⇢ Yelling / Shouting/ etc
⇢ Evil sister tag 
⇢ Gets draggy by the end

⇢ Just why shock therapy?  
⇢ Almost 2 hours/episode x21 


Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.8
Akkee (Film) is a young businessman who blames Chatchanok (Anuchit) for his parents’ bankruptcy and suicide. Chatchanok is also dating his sister Wanisa (Pookpik).

Chatchanok’s mother Amphaa (Pear) does not approve of Wanisa. At his younger sister Chatchabaa’s party, Amphaa announces that Chatchanok is to marry Kesanee (Jularruk).

Wanisa is distraught with this news, and runs away from the party and gets raped by a gang of men, causing her to go insane.  Akkee blames Chatchanok for his sister’s condition.

He decides to take revenge by kidnapping Chatchanok's sister, Chatchabaa (Amy), and taking her to an abandoned island to physically and emotionally torture her.

Chatchabaa willingly sacrifices herself for her brother’s sake hoping to cool Akkee’s anger. However, somehow love knocks on the door.
⇢ Good chemistry
⇢ The island part happens quickly
At this rate, I'm about to believe it's the same dang island.

⇢ The first 2 episodes are rough
⇢ ML is a psycho
⇢ Lots of abuse/man-handling etc
⇢ The rape scene is more  coercion 

 Meaning she offered it to calm him down 

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.5
Plapol (Boom) is a half-Korean half-Thai man who has grown up with his father (Bie) as a child. 

He has a very big misunderstanding about his father, which causes him to dislike his dad and the new stepmother (Jaeb) who he considers to be a gold-digger. 

Upon a fight with his father, he returns to Thailand to create his own career and happens to come across Pantawan (Pimprapa), a dancer at a bar.

Although he's attracted to her the moment he sees her, he thinks she is also a loose charactered woman and so leaves no leaf turned to humiliate her.

Pantawan,  however, is just trying to live her life and make ends meet. 

⇢ A lot of grey characters. Very life-like
⇢ Amazing OST
⇢ Happy ending
⇢ Great chemistry between leads
⇢ Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room 
⇢ Lots of man-handling
⇢ Forced kisses 

⇢ Step-sibling love just FYI
⇢ Rape / Attempted rape
⇢ Much angst

Episodes: 31
Duration: 1hr. 0min
MDL Rating: 7.0
Tonnarm (Bie) is a well know, successful young businessman. Meen (Mew) is a student studying to be a nurse. 

She has a starstruck crush on Bie. After a night of drinking and partying, Tonnarm and his fiancee almost hit Mew as she is crossing the street. 

As both get out of the car to yell at her, the girlfriend unknowingly steps further into the street and into the path of an oncoming car. She gets hit and dies instantly. 

In his semi-drunken, and outraged stupor, Bie blames Mew. Although she tries to apologize, Bie condemns her.
⇢ Plot sounds interesting
⇢ Irritating but interesting
⇢ Doesn't say much but I'll watch 

Episodes: 20
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.4

When the late His Highness Naruenat and Lady Sri's son Luk (Pong) becomes of age. His caring stepmother, Khun Kae, attempts to find him a bride. However, she was unsuccessful due to his social reputation.

This turns Khun Kae's attention to his younger brother, Peemarn (Rapeepat) instead. But Peemarn already had a woman he loved so he refused.

Not giving up this time, Khun Kae asked Luk for help. Luk met Rojarate (Nune), who was the love of Peemarn, and told her he would pay her 10 million baht to break up with Peemarn.  To ensure there would not be any problems, he also signed a marriage license with her and planned to divorce her once he is certain that Peemarn would marry Nutta, the woman his mother chose.

Rojarate accepted the marriage agreement because she needed money to pay off her older brother’s debt.  Luk believes he could buy anything with money, and thus, he thinks Rojarate is just like any other woman that does anything for money.

  Great chemistry
⇢  Less romantic scenes
⇢  Loads of misunderstandings
⇢ Lack of communication
⇢ SML is annoying
⇢ FL is annoying

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.5
Pim's (Sammy) half-sister Khemjira (Grace) goes out with guys pretending to be Pim. After getting dumped by Khemjira, one of the guys dies in a car crash. His friend Thanakim (Thanwa) accuses Pim of being the cause and vows to get revenge on her and gets engaged to Khemjira so he can get closer to Pim to make her life miserable. Pim on the other hand has no clue why she's being stalked and bullied by this psychopath.

⇢ Self-sacrificing FL
⇢ Man-handling
⇢ Toxic relationship
⇢ Ping-pong stalker ML (っಠ‿ಠ)っ
⇢ Hospital setting
⇢ Lacking in directing and post-production

Episodes: 16
Duration: 1hr. 50min
MDL Rating: 7.2
Park (Om) was mistreated by his stepfather and he mistook that his mother (Pym) doesn't love him so he ran away from home at a young age. He was helped by this rich man who took him in as a son. Amawasee (Kwan) is the niece of Park's stepfather. She was sad when Park left because he was nice to her and she has feelings for him.

Years later Amawasee meets Park again as the man who brought the house his stepfather put on sale because the family was having financial difficulty due to Park's younger brother. Amawasee knew that he's her P'Park despite his cold demeanor but Park refused to accept that he's P'Park, calling himself Raj Rutchapbumi now.

Then Amawasee was forced to marry his younger brother by her uncle. She agreed as a way to repay her uncle for raising her. After Park knew about the wedding between Amawasee and his brother he kidnapped her to his farm. 
⇢ Watch if you like Huajai Sila
⇢ This is more mellow than HJS
⇢ Slow burn romance
⇢ Kidnapping
⇢ Happy ending
⇢ Some might find it boring

Episodes: 12
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.5
Leela (Natharika) is going to get married in a few days but unfortunately, she and her groom (Thitinan) get into an accident when they are hit by Kid's (Dilok) car. Her groom dies but she survives.

Kid, their litigant, also loses his wife (Namfon) in the accident.  He pays for Leela's medical treatment and visits her every day. Their relationship quickly deepens, and she soon finds out his son is Kawee (Ken), a man she was in love with in her youth.

Kawee becomes enraged by the marriage and the new family members moving in.  He specifically targets Narin (Anne) because she stands up to him and defends her sister.  

He quickly finds himself intrigued by her but also enjoys making Leela mad with envy, whenever he pays attention to Narin.  

The relationships turn volatile, with conflicting emotions of revenge, loyalty, duty, hate, and love, all thrown into the mix. 
Y'all knew this was going to be here, didn't you? hehe!

⇢ The god-father of Slap-Kiss 
⇢ Rape. Lord. Lots of rape.
⇢ Slap Kiss — Hot
⇢ Psycho, spoilt ML
⇢ Fiery FL
⇢ Pregnancy
⇢ Happy ending... how? 
⇢ I know it's Ken... but...


Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.8
Kangsadarn (Janie) is a young woman whose mother's (Jariya) past behavior will come back to haunt them both. Twenty years ago, Rose was in love with a poor, young man named Purim (Nok) but she brutally hurt him and never saw him again. On the other hand, Purim has never forgotten the pain inflicted upon him by Rose and has spent the last twenty years obsessed with revenge. Now wealthy Purim sees his opportunity to exact his revenge on Rose through Kangsadarn. He uses his knowledge of Rose's financial problems and alcoholism to acquire Kangsadarn as his wife. To make things even more complicated, Purim's nephew (Job)  is in love with Kang.
⇢ ML looks like an unattractive grandpa. 
⇢ You're better off watching the remake on the left
⇢ Even if it's raw. At least he's a handsome grandpa. 
⇢ Anyways, AGE-GAP
⇢ Forced Marriage
⇢ Rape
⇢ Abuse
⇢ Lots of crying
⇢ The honey really is bitter. (ಥ﹏ಥ)
⇢  Also... happy ending 

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 30min
MDL Rating: 7.8
Bow (Angie) is a beautiful woman who dates rich men. Unluckily she happens to be dating Det (Tun) and Det's father at the same time.
Worse yet, both Det and his father have close ties with Pon (Krit).

Since Bow and Pon are on bad terms after Bow had stolen the ring that Pon’s mother gave to him, Pon plans to seek revenge on Bow by exposing her actions publicly.

Not long after, Bow becomes an employee at Pon’s hotel, where he is CEO.

The two get tangled in a love-hate type of relationship. Bow, little by little,  starts to fall in love with Pon, leading her to realize that money isn't as important as she thought it to be.
⇢ Romantic tension until the last EP
⇢ Rape 
⇢ Reverse harem

Episodes: 15
Duration: 1hr. 35min
MDL Rating: 7.6
Paramita (Mookda) is the only heiress of the famous Emporium real estate mogul. Before going overseas to further her studies, something horrible happened to her and found herself in bed with Parin (Kem), a mistress born son of the son-in-law of Sirimantra family, the next day. 

Four years later, she came back with twins, but she told everyone that they were her cousins, adopted by her aunt. 

Parin and Paramita, standing on opposite sides of the line as sworn enemies — but what about love?
⇢ FL is drugged by a friend and sold to ML
⇢ ML thinks FL is a prostitute
⇢ Fast-paced
⇢ No unnecessary filler
⇢ Manhandling
⇢ Forceful kisses
⇢ Verbal abuse
⇢ Gay couple | YAY to love is love
⇢ Happy ending
The Slap Kiss genre has forever been a very controversial area within the Lakorn viewing community. 

However, it has forever been a silent understanding that dramas are just pieces of fiction and slap kiss also has a group of people it appeals to. Those who enjoy the crazy, watch it. Those who don't, don't bother. 

This has led to an almost peaceful air in the Thai Lakorn watching community, allowing viewers who enjoy watching the spicy titles to watch without being shamed or seeing heated 'cancel riots' going around about it by everyone who cannot agree with the genre. 

There are so many of these dramas simply because there is a market for them. I wish to urge everyone to always absorb the goodness and discard the bad. 

Remember, that just because we are poor, does not mean we will bump into a millionaire heir who will crazily fall in love with us. Likewise, someone who kidnaps and rapes us is not our future lover — they are a future jail resident.
In addition to this article, I have prepared a voting list for everyone to always add in new Slap-Kiss drama recommendations and help the viewers to find new things to watch. 

I hope you all, slap kiss viewers, enjoyed reading the article and found something to add to your PTW list. 

Let me know your favorite Slap-Kiss dramas!

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