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This article was a long time coming as the last one that I wrote in 2017 was when I was a complete beginner and didn't know the difference between lakorn, series, etc.

Although I had initially not planned on writing this so soon, a recent very interesting comment on the previous one sort of accelerated the intention and I realised there is no loss in creating an updated, more thorough recommendation list. 

Now, here we are!
I understand that Thai dramas are not something that you can just jump into spontaneously, and if you do (unless it is BL), it might make you uncomfortable enough to never watch another lakorn/ Thai drama again.

This is honestly a shame because Thailand makes amazing dramas if you are fit for them! Just like with food, there are certain dishes that you may love that I may not. Likewise, with Thai dramas, you need to know what you like and what is being offered. 

Thus, this humble list is at your service.


✦  Spoilers ahead
✧  Suitable for both dark and light modes
✦  Recommendations are divided into themes
✧ Titles won't be extremely heavy unless required by theme
✦  Click on posters to be redirected
Wholesome, nontoxic/healthy relationships or male leads. Little to no trigger warnings are required with main leads. 

Tarm Ruk Keun Jai

EP: 14          |        2015         |       9.0 out of 10 
Nara who is raised by her mother and grandfather and lives her luxurious life in Bangkok, one day finds out that her father is still alive and working on a farm in northern Thailand. 

She immediately leaves Bangkok in order to find her father. There, is also finds love in the form of Singh, the owner of the farm.


EP: 13          |        2000          |       8.5 out of 10 
Beautiful Massaya gets called "home" by her father's adopted mother, Tan Pooying Rattanamahasarn, who at this old age has started to feel guilty about disowning him for marrying Massaya's mother. 

Finding herself in a new environment, Massaya eventually finds love and support in the young soldier Lek, who also happens to be the blood grandson of Tan Pooying Rattanamahasarn — her adopted grandmother. 

Tarm Ruk Keum Jai  is an incredibly sweet and interesting story. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama and believe it's wonderful for someone who wants to give Thai hetero dramas a go but is afraid of the usual spice.
Massaya  I'm pretty sure I got a lot of side-eyes with this recommendation. But I would like to assure you that they are not blood-related, and they met each other when they were "adults". 
When the snobby superstar Jarawee dies of a supposed car accident, Taechat, a good-hearted fellow happens to find himself having the ability to see her. Even though the deceased star has to pass on, she can not let go without knowing the reason behind her death. 

Thus,  Jarawee fights against all odds and seeks the help of Taechat to investigate the mystery behind her death. In the process the two fall in love.  But... can it be? 

Mission of the Heart

EP: 16         |        2017          |       8.5 out of 10 

The Curse of Saree

EP: 14          |          2022         |       7.0 out of 10 

Suddenly having discovered her younger sister engaged to the crown prince of Mantrapura, Nuannueakaew finds herself traveling to the small country near India. 

However there, both sisters find themselves in the middle of an old war between communism and capitalism — with the help of the powerful ghost of the Royal Queen Sita.

Mission of the Heart  There is an age gap for the end-game. What I mean by this is that of course the FL will pass on. Then she reincarnates and 20 years later she (now a college student) meets the ML, and they have a happy ending!The Curse of Saree  is a drama that is focused heavily on patrioism and solving the conflict created in the plot, which is repossessing all the assets that belong to the country but has been in the hands of the antagonist. Love is there but not the main focus. 
Best Thai remakes of dramas originally produced elsewhere. 
Remade in Thailand ™


EP: 16          |        2019         |       8.5  out of 10 

A childhood accident left Irin with a unique ability for frequency and sound, which most people cannot decipher. 
Her skills were tested when she took an emergency call at the precinct and had to endure her father's murder in progress. Following a series of other similar deaths, she searches for his killer, which unveiled a web of corruption and deceit.


EP: 16        |       2021       |       8.4 (12,191 users)
Gorya is a simple girl who works at a flower shop. She passes an exam and gets accepted into a prestigious and luxurious school attended by the wealthy. The school is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4  consisting of four rich, handsome, and spoiled boys. 

Gorya is the only one who stands up to their bullying, leaving all the boys in awe, especially Thyme, the group's leader. This leads to a series of turns for the young girl.

Voice — Although I've kept this on hold for a while now, I would like to say that it's not because of the drama but because life had kicked me in the behind and I just never got to go and pick it up. Compared to the Korean version which was produced more glamorously, this version feels a lot more organic and emotional. 
F4  I mean I have not watched this, but I mean how could I not include this with how hyped it was? I'm sure remakes are the second most popular way for people to get into Thailand dramas, and of course who doesn't know about Hana Yori Dango and its many remakes. 
Prapai, an accounting graduate who dreams of working for an advertising agency, has to live with Pupaa, a gifted physics student. 

During the process, they fall in love and put aside their prejudices, encourage each other to overcome all the difficulties in their relationship, find a new direction in career and life planning, and finally harvest love. Warm Love, warm time.

EP: 20       |      2021       |     7.9 (1,555 users)

Let's Fight Ghost

EP: 16          |        2021         |       9.0 out of 10 

A cohabitation comedy about a ghost of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy with the ability to see and hear ghosts. The drama shows how they navigate between solving the mysteries that surround their past, as well as solving ghostly cases and liberating both the living and the dead.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder  I loved the Chinese ver. and have put my mind to watching this as well. Still, I wished to include a Chinese adaptation because we have too many Korean ones already and variety is always nice.
Let's Fight Ghost  The Thai version is much more complex in both plot and character personality-wise. If you're interested in seeing a version with more contributions from the supporting cast, you might want to give this a shot! It's better imo!

A niche genre called "slap-kiss" may have villainous male leads, dubious consent, rape, toxic relationships, romanticisations of relationships, or actions not condoned in real life. 

Ratee Luang

EP: 16          |        2022         |       8.0 out of 10 

After discovering his gold-digging girlfriend Kamolthip in bed with his father, Pithai leaves home with hatred in his heart and the intention to never return.    Also leaving behind Kamolthip's younger sister, Chadathan, who has had a crush on him for a long time. When one day, his father mysteriously passes away — leaving behind a will that he will only inherit everything if he marries Chadathan, Chadathan finds herself in a love trap with Pithai, but will they ever be able to escape the cycle of love, revenge, and pain?

Life's Waves

EP: 15      |      2017       |     8.4  (6,417 users)
Jeerawat, a hardworking model and actress, one day finds the course of her life completely changing when her mother's boyfriend attempts to drug and rape her and in an attempt to escape from the disgusting man, she runs over and kills a young woman. Sathit, a young lawyer, one day finds the course of his life completely changing when his fiancee gets run over and dies. Thus,  begins his plan for revenge and to completely burn down Jeerawat's life just as his was burnt down by her. 

Ratee Luang  This drama has a complete melodrama set up, resembling a form of Indian soap opera, but without the level of crazy and angst (in my opinion). There is 'forced' marriage, FL stealing from ML and running away, ML losing his memories and being tricked into playing husband for the SFL, then discovering FL is there with his son. It really tried to be melodramatic imo, but I wasn't feeling sad at all... instead, I was more like:Life's Waves  Honestly this is level 80 SLAP-KISS. Everyone who wants to see a healthy relationship — do not enter. Don't waste your time or breath, please.  
They say love is all about timing. Treenut and Time find themselves falling for each other quickly after meeting each other. Love is there, but Time just requires a little bit more time to get over his ex and solidify their relationship. Unfortunately, Treenut has none to spare. Thus, she decides to help Touch, Time's older brother, hide his sexual orientation and also obtain the family inheritance by marrying him. Sometimes, love is there but the timing isn't right. Will this story have a happy ending? 

The Love Proposal

EP: 15       |      2022       |     8.0 out of 10

The Defendant Bride

EP: 17          |        2022         |       7.7 (587 users) 

It is said that marriage usually begins with love. But for Ingjan, her marriage began with... a grudge. When Ingjan's family attempts to trick her into marrying an old toad in order to pay off the debt they had incurred, Ingjan decides to escape. Somehow, she meets young vineyard owner Sichon along the way who helps her to escape. However, he is not as kind as he looks. In order to pay off her family's debt and protect her, Sichon wants her to marry him. The duration of this arrangement is only one year but the price from both sides is hefty.

The Love Proposal   Boy... this was the melodrama Ratee Luang was attempting to be but couldn't be. I binged this drama and I have no idea how I completed it tbh. You love someone and marry his brother, but still love him, but also can't hate his sweet brother, but then also can't forget your ex-bf. God save me, all sorts of makjang! P.S. Brother dies in the end. The Defendant Bride  So the FL was blind before and met the ML in a foreign country, then she somehow lost her memory and got tricked into leaving the country before the ML could meet her in a way that made the ML hate her. When he meets her again and she fails to recognize him, he binds her to him by this tricky marriage, and then in comes the ping-pong between love and hate, my loves.  
For all the shades of the rainbow, and the love that each shade represents. 

To Sir, With Love

EP: 17          |        2022         |       8.3 (1277 users) 
The Five Dragon Guild is under the leadership of Jao Sua Song. He's skilled and in control of the business, but things in the family have become chaotic.

In a Chinese family, masculinity is prized. Thian, his eldest son from his main wife, is the face of the family, the one who will eventually succeed Song, who will carry the power his father has built and become Khun Chai. 

Khun Chai, however, is not a position just anyone is suited to. And especially not to someone like Thian, who hides the secret of his sexuality. Sexuality that was definitely not accepted in society at that time.

He's Coming to Me

EP: 8       |      2019       |     9.0 out of 10
On his birthday, Med, the kind-hearted heir of a rich family, dies mysteriously and becomes a ghost. Over the years, as he continues to remain at the graveyard, unable to reincarnate, he spends QingMing festivals watching other ghosts having their families visit and bringing lots of food and offerings. 

His grave, however, is always in a state of disarray and empty. Until one day, a young boy stops in front of his grave and places a piece of candy on the moldy stone.  

To Sir, With Love — I believe that some of you wishing to enter the Thai drama world are adults who prefer to have a more mature tone in your dramas. This is why, I am recommending this, despite you being a beginner. As you can already tell by the synopsis, the overall air of the drama is heavier on tension and conflict. Thian, not only has to hide his sexuality from his strict family and society but also fights between love and duty. I've heard raving reviews about how brilliant this is though, so I'm sure you will enjoy it. He's Coming to Me  For those who desire a more light-hearted and youthful entry into the BL world, without it just being fluffy childish content — this one is for you. This has the plot, the progression, the acting, and a very happy ending. While there is ultimately an age gap between the MC and the ML, the MC is a ghost and well let's omit microanalysis here then. Ah.. but as someone who has read the novel as well, the novel is better imo.
Ever since they were young, Pran and Pat's families had a deep and raging rivalry. This also extended to their sons. It was almost like rivalry was passed down as a family heirloom and the two boys became rivals as well. Until... they grew tired and became friends. However, because of their families' rivalry, their friendship had to be kept under wraps. And so began a journey of secret friendship... and then perhaps a sweet secret romance?

Bad Buddy

EP: 12       |      2021       |     8.5 (27,073 users)

Manner of Death

EP: 14          |        2020         |       8.3  (17, 484 users) 
Returning to his hometown, Dr. Bunnakit, a medical examiner, is only beginning to settle into his job when he finds himself in the middle of the mysterious death of his childhood friend, Jane. 

Suspecting the death to be murder, Dr. Bun hopes that the matter will be investigated thoroughly. However, when he begins to get threats to submit the autopsy report as "suicide", he begins to firmly believe that it is foul play. 

The main suspect? Jane's supposed boyfriend, Tan. The same man Dr. Bunnakit had drunkenly kissed in the club a few days ago. 
Bad Buddy Yes, they turn from enemies to friends to something more to lovers. Yes, there is a breakup or separation of some sort if I remember correctly. This is because the father of one used to "date" or "be friends with" the mother of the other boy and then cheated her off of a big idea for school or something, and this really hurt her and I guess the hurt just continued for a long time. I might be confusing everything with the novel but I mean it's a happy ending!Manner of Death — The key to enjoying this drama is to go with zero expectations. Don't take this as hate, I admire the actors very much and believe their ship is the number 1 most authentic ship in the BL world — so this is not me hating them. Just putting this out there for "those" sort of fans. Anyways, yes, don't go into this with expectations, don't expect a fire-level suspense drama because in my opinion, it's very slow-paced in nature and not that exciting. In a sense, it's a little bit more reflective of real life. But that's just my word of advice. <3
Residing here are dramas that are like aged doorways leading to a different time, where everything feels like tea-stained old parchments, slow jazz buzzing from battery-operated radios, and the lingering scent of jasmine passing by with the first evening breeze. 

Thong Ek: The Herbal Master

EP: 14          |        2019         |       7.5 out of 10

Thong Ek wishes to be a herbal doctor just like his grandfather, who is absolutely against the idea because of the danger to one's life in this profession. Still, Thong Ek is determined to learn all he can and prove himself to his grandfather. Chaba is a tough young lady who enjoys exploring rather than being at home and doing housework like the other girls. When she meets Thong Ek's grandfather, she also becomes interested in learning medicine. Initially not able to get along, eventually the two strike a friendship and Thong Ek begins teaching her medicine. In the process, the two fall in love. 

Only One Star in the Sky

EP: 17          |        2018         |       9.5 out of 10
Set in the Era of King Ekkathat in the Ayutthaya Kingdom, this drama follows along Ayutthaya's war and win against the invading Burma (now known as Myanmar) through the lens of Sri Khan Thin,  — man who disguises himself as a Turkish eunuch in order enter the royal palace and investigate the death of his mother and father — and Mang Mao, the mischievous daughter of a merchant who refuses to get married, and is the biggest source of irritation for Sri Khan Thin from the very first moment they met. 

Thong Ek, The Herbal Master  Please be aware that this drama also has the comedy genre and the first few minutes of this drama is just that... comedic chaos. If you're put off by that, you might need to take a break like I did, but if you give it another go and push through, you'll be quite entertained for the next few hours. I don't really have anything to warn you about in this drama. There is equal parts of everything. There isn't any evil side lead, which is great. And it's a happy ending
Only Star in the Sky — Do not go into this expecting it to be a heavily romantic drama. It's war first, love, later.  In short:

1. Drama is filled with hot men. Like.. trust me. 

2. You get to learn some of  the history of Thailand. 

3. Multiple characters are given importance. 

4. The ending is happy. 

The story follows Salin, whose older sister gets arranged to marry the prince, Khun Chai Rong, and how after discovering that he is still attached to his ex,  she decides to obstruct the arrangement and save her older sister's life. However, fate is quite weird and after multiple encounters filled with bickering and snark, Khun Chai Rong begins to fall for Salin. On the other hand, Salin's older sister finds herself falling for the more cheerful younger brother of Chai Rong. 

Royal Daughter in Law

EP: 17          |        2015         |       9.0 out of 10 

Child of Slave

EP: 13          |        2014         |       9.5 out of 10

Kaew is a slave in the late 1800′s Thailand under King Chulalongkorn’s reign during the Chakri dynasty. He grows up during a time when slavery is coming to an end in Thailand. 

New laws were put in place that would allow Kaew to retire from slavery at 21. However, his master Phraya Chaiyakorn refuses to free him. 

The story centers around Kaew, his struggle for freedom and the love he has for Namtip, the young noble woman who is the daughter of his master and the heart of his inner strength.

Royal Daughter-in-Law — NOW THIS is pure romantic comedy. You will not get a history lesson from this as you would in Child of Slave and Only One Star in the Sky, but you will be able to see the fashion, lifestyle, and music of the era in which this drama is set it. I think it's quite magical, and despite how scary the plot sounds... the love stories were adorable for both sisters. 
Child of Slave — Ken is hot. Like, extremely hot. Let me just put this out there first. Secondly, video quality is low. Now — If you watch this drama you will see the story of how a slave fights against his chains, breaks free and builds himself into an official. Love is used as a motivator for this man to reach his goals. It is not his goal. Thus, there isn't all that spicy skinship. But it's a solid story, and a happy ending so go forth and experience history!

Dramas with a little bit of magic, with time travel, superpowers, reincarnation, and maybe even sixth sense. 

The Heart of Montra

EP: 16      |        2021         |      7.7 (301 users) 

Pachara was cursed by his lover named Matira. Because of the curse, Pachara becomes an immortal without a heart. Many thousands of years later, as he still lives waiting for Matira to be reborn and reverse his curse, he meets an artist named Praoploy. As soon as he sees Praoploy he feels that it was the reincarnation of his past love Matira. So he hates Praoploy and has conflicts with her. Is Praoploy really Matira who cursed Pachara? Will the hatred of Pachara towards Praoploy eventually turn into love?

The Gifted

EP: 13       |        2018        |      8.6 (9164 users) 
Ritdha Wittayakom High School has a "Gifted Program." The program offers special classes to a handful of "special" students chosen by the school administration. Incredibly, Pang, a tenth-year student from the lowest academically ranked class, passes the Gifted. Soon he and his new friends begin to feel something strange about their new class. They come to learn that the Gifted Program was designed to awaken the "potentials" within them, potentials beyond those of ordinary humans.

The Heart of Montra — I Reviews say that it could have ended earlier, and the growth of the character Matira (first life and reincarnation) was without explanation. 

Others also commented on the post-production editing of the drama and that it could have been edited better. I think if you like suspense and an angry immortal hunk, go forth!
The Gifted — Everyone loves it, and everyone adores it. 

There is no major love sequence occurring but it's very well received with whatever aim he has and that's all I can say.

I don't think it needs any cautionary notes tbh. People loved the ending as well. 
Wat is a famous celebrity who is dating a famous model named Ginney. Tet is a famous pilot who is in a relationship with a doctor named Kulanji. 

But one day, the body of Wat and Tet switched. As Tet and Wat have totally different occupation, how will they handle the situation? 

Will Ginney and Kulanji notice the truth?

Switch of Fate

EP: 16          |        2021         |       8.0  (544 users) 

Love Destiny

EP: 15          |        2018         |       10 out of 10 

This is a story where karma, merit, love destiny, and a moon mantra combine to fling Kadesurang, a chubby archaeologist, into the body of another woman, Karakade, during the Ayutthaya era (300 years earlier).  

Switch of Fate — Biggest spoiler: They don't switch back to their original bodies. Love Destiny  One of the best things you can invest your time in if you're interested in the historical genre. 
Romance full of youth, set in high school or college — first loves, silent loves, love with boys in blue shorts, or black and white college uniforms. 


EP: 15        |        2016        |       9.0 out of 10

Arthit, the leader of the orientation SOTUS program, tortures juniors by making them do embarrassing things. Arthit was seemingly unstoppable until Kongpob stood up against the abuses by the former. Continual encounters between the two developed from animosity to something much more affectionate.

Oh My Sweetheart

EP: 24          |        2021         |       7.6  (26 users) 
Soodrak, daughter of Daily Media publication, tries to motivate Dontree, a young musician — who stopped playing after being traumatised by his brother's dead —  to play music again. Amid strife between their family, Soodrak and Dont follow their dream and join music club unknowing that Trin, their senior, is the son of Tul, their fathers’ arch-enemy. When the truth of their relationship is revealed, will they be able to forgive and overcome their families’ rivalry and hatred for one another?

SOTUS — The drama that brought in the first wave of modern BL watchers into the Thai BL scene. It's a very feel good drama for its time of release. I liked it a lot. 
Oh My Sweetheart  Go in expecting nothing and you may receive a pleasant surprise. The number of episodes might be something to be wary of though.
Due to peer pressure, Junita decided to get plastic surgery done. However, her body did not react well and her face began to have large acne everywhere. This further caused her life to worsen and so she went away to study in a countryside school in order to avoid getting bullying in Bangkok. 

There she meets Suea, a handsome, flirty, penniless senior, who is the first person to sincerely befriend her despite her looks.

Perfect Match

EP: 9          |        2015         |       7.7 (4693 users) 

Love to the Extreme

EP: 16          |        2013         |       9.0 out of 10 
The story centers around a spoiled rich kid who is extremely bad at studying due to "daddy" issues, and a young tutor who is tasked to tutor him into passing the upcoming exam so that he does not lose privileges from his dad. 
Perfect Match — It's short and sweet  Tom and Jerry relationship!
Love to the Extreme — A very action-packed romance with some suspense.

Engagements, love marriages, arranged marriages, forced marriages, fake marriages, and marriages of convenience.

My Husband in Law

EP: 15          |        2020         |       9.0 out of 10 

The sweet and loving Muey has lived with her crush, Thien, for over seven years. During this time her crush deepens into love but Thien only notices her as someone to tease and bully. So she resigns herself to loving him from a distance.

However, one day in order to protect him from a gangster, Muey agrees to marry Thien. 

The two marry, but Thien still sees her as a young nonsence. Will these feelings towards the girl ever change? 

When A Man Loves A Woman

EP: 15          |        2016         |       8.0 out of 10
Sattawat is a doctor whose mother has a gambling addiction, and Anusaniya's family owns a wealthy company. Sattawat's mother owes a lot of money to Anusaniya's company and in order to erase the debt, Sattawat's mother and Anusaniya's aunt cook up a plan to marry Sattawat and Anusaniya to each other to get rid of the debt. 

The two marry for their own reasons, but can they come together and fall in love? 

My Husband in Law — A very unique love story that shows you an unrequited love from a girl's point of view (which a lot of us can relate to). There is a point in the drama where the whole vibe changes (the company data leaking arc), and that might be a little off-putting to some. However, this is really worth your time. I still can't get over that bridge scene where the FL walks behind the ML and cries. 
When A Man Loves a Woman — When a man loves a woman, he is patient with her tantrums, sincere and loyal. When a man loves a woman, you will want to smack the FL's face for treating your poor ML like trash. 
For more points: click here
When she finds out that her twin sister was the mistress of a rich man, gave birth to his son, and also became disabled after  a life-threatening attack  — Sina decides to get to the bottom of things. After his death, her twin's former "husband" left a large portion of his asset in her and their son's name, but requires his younger brother to marry her in order for the remaining family members to get their inheritance. Thus, Sina moves into the house as her twin with her nephew to get find out the truth. 

You Are Me

EP: 31          |        2018         |       9.0 out of 10

The Evil Plan Ends With Love

EP: 30          |        20`7         |       7.5 out of 10  
Fah grew up with her adopted siblings, Tawan and Dao, and they promised to always be there for each other. When Tawan is tricked into marrying Pink, who is pregnant by another man, he asks Fah for help. Instead, their plan backfires and Fah winds up marrying Neung, Tawan's uncle-in-law.
You Are Me  A very fun watch with grey characters. You can't even blame the final villain in this because their feeling was valid.The Evil Plan Ends with Love  Yes, there are 30 episodes but it's only 40 mins each. This is filled with comedy and I thought it was quite fun tbh. 
 On a full moon's night that's bathed in red, ghosts and monsters come out to play. Some ask for flesh, some your dread, and some come to seek revenge. 

Curse of Dok Soi

EP: 15          |        2016         |       8.5 out of 10 

A story of a young dancer who allowed a ghost to possess her body in exchange to save her father’s life. The ghost uses her body to catch prey. She must endure the suffering of her bloody hands. 

When she meets a young officer and both fall in love with each other, but he will misunderstand that she is the one that killed his father but when in truth, it was the ghost that possessed her. A story that insinuates true love comes with sacrifice.

 The Sixth Sense 1&2

EP: 20          |        2012         |       8.0 out of 10 
The drama is based on 5 girls who each have 5 different forms of "sixth sense". They obtained this gift because a divine monk decided to distribute his good karma between 5 pregnant women who happened to be the mothers of the 5 girls. Focused mainly on the girls and their encounters with different ghosts that either need their murders solved or evil sorcerers who forcefully hold ghosts captive and make them do evil things in order to obtain money.

Curse of Doksoi  It's a unique supernatural story based in a historical setting. Plus, you get to see this gorgeous boy:
The Sixth Sense 1 & 2 — Divided into two seasons, the drama is quite interesting as it focuses on the girls solving supernatural mysteries and also find their own prince charming along the way. 

Because of the year of release, just be wary of the video quality please. 
Akkanee is an archaeologist who loves antiques so much. He already has a lover who is Thipapa, but they are not yet married because it seems like he is waiting for someone. 

That's when Sarochinee came into his life. She is beautiful and mysterious millionaire who also loves antiques from the Ayutthaya period. Her arrival brings back the past of Ubon, a woman from Ayutthaya period and the unresolved karma that she still holds onto angrily.

Blood & Treasures

EP: 18          |        2016         |       9.5 out of 10

School Tales

EP: 8          |        2022         |       7.0 out of 10
School Tales the Series is a new Thai horror anthology of eight terrifyingly disturbing ghost stories set in schools and revolve around paranormal stories surrounding students or teachers within these schools. 

Each part is  crafted by six different Thai directors who skilled in the art of scaring audiences.

Blood & Treasures — Don't expect to be scared. This is not made to scare you. It is a story of love, deceit, misunderstandings and sacrifice. You're more likely to cry than be scared. But it's real good. 
School Tales — I was not scared. I was very disturbed but honestly, none of the parts were scary. If you like horror, give it a go because it's short and won't take up most of your time. Just go watch something fluffy afterward. 

I hope this article could provide something for everyone. If there is a theme that you think is missing or believe a beginner will search for, feel free to comment it down below, and who knows I might just make another article for beginners!
Thank you for reading! 
Please note that I was a Thai drama beginner when I wrote the article, so pardon all mistakes.

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