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Park Ji Hyun might work with Ahn Bo Hyun again in a new SBS K-drama.

On February 9, media outlets shared that Park Ji Hyun will be the female lead of the upcoming SBS K-drama "Gold Spoon." Last month, Ahn Bo Hyun was also in talks to lead the upcoming series. 

Park Ji Hyun's agency Namoo Actors responded to the casting reports. The agency revealed that Park Ji Hyun did receive the offer and the actress is positively considering it. 

This will possibly be the reunion K-drama of Park Ji Hyun and Ahn Bo Hyun. The two have worked together in the TVING K-drama "Yumi's Cells." Park Ji Hyun was in one-sided love with Ahn Bo Hyun in the series.

The actress became the talk of the town last year after she starred in the K-drama "Reborn Rich." Even though her role is not one of the main ones, she was noticed by the viewers for her ethereal beauty and great acting. 

Park Ji Hyun made her acting debut in 2017. She has starred in several K-dramas such as "Saimdang, Light’s Diary," "The King in Love," "Terius Behind Me," "Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung," "Do You Like Brahms?," "Love All Play," and more. 

If Park Ji Hyun confirms her casting, this will be her first-ever leading role since her debut. The actress usually stars in a supporting or second lead role. 

"Gold Spoon" will be the collaboration work of director Kim Jae Hong ("Through the Darkness") and writer Kim Ba Da ("My Name").

The upcoming series will tell the story of an immature third-generation conglomerate who will become a detective and will work alongside the police. 

Park Ji Hyun got the offer to play the role of Lee Kang Hyun. She is a former police inspector and the team leader of the Kangha Police Station's strong team 1. She is a workaholic and a responsible detective. 

Ahn Bo Hyun on the other hand will play the role of Jin Yi Soo, the third-generation conglomerate detective who catches the high-status criminals that even the police cannot seem to touch.

"Gold Spoon" is set to begin filming this May. The airing of the K-drama is scheduled for the second half of 2023. 


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